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At times, there are students who lose skills and knowledge in the course of breaks during school. That’s what we refer to as learning loss. When a student undergoes learning loss, a lot of pressure is embraced on both students as well as the educator. With the pandemic making schools hard to reopen, the students are at a high risk of facing learning loss. Likewise, the students are being exposed to lose skill set as well including communication and foundational skills. However, there are several ways wherein both educators and parents could work and let the children cope with such loss. Let’s take a look below and explore the options to help students recover their skills and knowledge: 


  1. Digital Learning Resources: With technology playing a major role in supporting the student’s education during this pandemic, there are several other platforms that have been actively working to promote quality education. The educators, with the help of such applications and platforms, can enhance students’ compromised skills and boost their knowledge. This will, in turn, prove beneficial for them as their interest will witness an upsurge followed by active participation. That’s how the schools can ensure that their students are getting delivered quality education. The Top 10 schools in Sonipat are making the most of these applications as well as digital learning resources
  2. Structured Learning Process: In order to accelerate effective learning, a structured learning process does wonders. Educators must work on preparing a routine and structured learning process wherein engaging students actively must remain the key agenda. Such an approach will welcome participation followed by growth of interest and motivation. As a part of routine, repetitive or revision sessions must be included in the curriculum which will help students come up with their doubts and that they will not miss the key to the chapters. A structured learning process works affectively in online education 
  3. Learning Recovery Programs: One of the finest ways to recover learning loss is by initiating a collaboration with several learning recovery programs available over the Internet. Such programs prove highly beneficial for students who have been trying to cope with the learning loss. The educators or school committees can proceed with a joint collaboration and initiate special recovery programs for a set of students. Also, these can be done occasionally scheduled post their regular sessions. These will benefit the students to a great extent and ensure that their productivity does not get lost in a long run 
  4. Skills Development Sessions: Learning loss not only affects academics but also lay a major impact on skills. For instance, there are several students whose communication skills get impacted by the same. Educators delivering skills development sessions can benefit their students by working effectively on their development. Such sessions will not only boost their confidence but also make their foundation skills stronger than ever. Likewise, parents can work together with the tutors too. Practicing skills development at home in some way or the other will let a student keep a track of essentials. The Top CBSE schools in Sonipat frequently deliver skills development programs as a part of the curriculum 
  5. Individual Open Sessions: Any loss can be healed with a conversation. Conducting regular open conversations with students will help them cope with their learning loss. Educators can also focus on individual students, specifically the ones who have been struggling hard with matching up with the course. Here, not only educators, but parents can do the process that in turn will make their ward relieved from the loss. Keeping track is essential followed by regular conversations with a child. This is an excellent opportunity for students to talk about their fears and anxieties that have been affecting their performance 


With Covid affecting students’ education to a great extent, learning loss has been significantly witnessed. It is one of the major issues that need to be addressed with utmost priority. Children have been losing their skills and motivation during online sessions quite often now – The prime aspect relating is shutting down of their schools. 

Swarnaprastha Public School works with utmost dedication to ensure that their students are being administered on regular basis. Varied approaches are being implemented to boost students’ participation so that they do not lose their confidence in the new normal. That’s what makes Swarnaprastha a part of the best schools in Sonipat