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  • Focused Approach

Every learner is different and gifted in its own way , therefore, we at SPS first identify ecosystem of leaning of every child to ascertain the future course of action based on their individual ability and motivation level be it academics, sports or even their attitude.  It’s an extremely important exercise to focus on their individual strength and weakness to re-energize their focus.

  • Learning Objective

This step involves delineation the exact approach each learner needs to take in order to achieve their goal. At the beginning of every class, faculty will explain the chapter, learning outcomes and success criteria on the board.

  • Instruction mode

Faculty of SPS has a clear idea about each leaner and deliver clear instruction to each based on information collected at the time of enrollment and interaction by the team. Lesson planning has been designed specifically with clear instructions, taking into consideration of their individual needs. During class, students can work together to be a peer leader to enhance their bonding and leadership index.

  • Expressive feedback

We believe providing descriptive feedback is imperative to each student’s progression and ongoing development. The descriptive feedback we provide is aligned with each student’s success criteria and direct links to the skills the student is learning and practicing at the time. Descriptive feedback serves as a powerful learning tool, as it allows our students to understand what they are doing well and areas for further development, including specific steps to take in order to improve. Our students practice each task independently during class, allowing them to self-evaluate their progress against success criteria. The descriptive feedback that is provided to students is based on the learning outcomes addressed in each class, which serves to consolidate learning and continually challenge our students to improve and meet higher expectations.

  • Motivational Interaction

The constant interaction of the faculty with learners and parents is guided by some guiding principles; understanding each student’s personal motivations, listening with empathy, and empowering students.SPS faculty has been trained to non-confrontational, non-judgmental and non-adversarial style of education which requires affection, genuine understanding and acceptance, to be successful.