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Residential Life

Each student belongs to a house, and it is here that they live, relax, sleep, work and make friends. Houseparents are in charge of each house.

Nestled within the sprawling 20 acres state-of-the-art green campus of the school, the residential life at SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL is designed to offer the students an opportunity to be a part of an exciting multi-cultural hamlet which offers them an atmosphere of independence to hone their natural skills in a safe and secure environment.

As day Boarders enjoy the benefits of the campus on working days, the flexi/ full-time boarders grow up in an environment that they call a home away from home.

Boarding House

The boarding facilities are enjoyed not only by intercontinental and out-of-station students but also by many who opt to become weekly boarders.

Just fifteen minutes from the Delhi Border and an hour’s drive from IGI (the domestic and international airport) in New Delhi, the SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL offers state-of-the-art boarding facilities in a clean and green environment.

Comfortable Rooms

The boarding house offers a blossoming and effervescent environment for the students to live in. At SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL boarders live in the comfort of comfortable and centrally air-conditioned shared boarding Rooms along with individual space for study, storage and rest.

Recreation Room

There is a large Common Room on every floor of the boarding house where boarders can spend their free time playing indoor games, reading story books or watching the TV. A refrigerator is also provided in the multipurpose room where students drink milk, access their fresh laundry and keep their tuck in the lockers.

House Parents

House parents ensure that there is never a lack of fondness, kindness, care and guidance that every child needs. Each House Parent’s priority is to get to know the child individually. House Parents regularly inspect the rooms, study units and common areas to ensure that each child maintains neatness and personal hygiene. They keep in touch with parents via email or telephonically to give them regular updates about their child’s welfare. The House Parents are supported by a Medical and Housekeeping team.

Meals and Nutrition

At the snack bar students are served a healthy buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with adequate care to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is served. An elaborate menu is carefully scheduled so that it appeals to the students who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall is a cheerful place where students not only eat nutritious meals, but also catch up with friends and relax.


The School has two Infirmaries. One is located in the Academic block and the second one is located in the boarding house. A qualified nurse attends to the students’ medical needs and stationed 24*7. A team of doctors are on call at all times. Moreover, the School has a strategic tie-up with a multi specialty hospital in case of any medical emergency.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our students is of paramount importance to us. The campus has 24X7 security cover and over 150 CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of our students. Fire sprinklers, alarms and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for various different possible situations to make boarders aware and ready.


As the entire campus is wi-fi enabled, students can speak to their parents via Skype and can remain in touch with them through the House Parent.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Supervised games and sports are pursued by the students after school hours. With numerous playing fields and sporting facilities, students pursue games in the morning and evening at sports block and pursue various games like Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, TT, Shooting range , Archery , Boxing , Taekwondo, Gymnastic , Volleyball, Golf , Horse riding,  Squash, Football, All-weather swimming pool and Basketball. All the sporting facilities can be accessed for a dedicated time each day under the supervision of dedicated coaches.

Field trips and outings are regularly organized for the boarders. They are accompanied by their House Parent and mentors.

Prep Time

The boarders have an active schedule that focuses on providing every student with scholastic support under the command of trained faculty. A prep time is allocated wherein each boarder prepares their lessons. Their academic growth is monitored and they have access to the classrooms in the main school building during evening study. Boarders also have individual study units in their rooms.

Tuck Shop

Our School has well stocked on campus tuck shop with wide range of Indian and foreign commodities to meet the requirements.


Code Of Conduct

Boarders follow a code of conduct and the campus has zero tolerance for bullying. Each child’s behaviour is monitored by the House Parent and they are regularly counselled to interact and collaborate amicably with each other.

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Open Up New Vistas

At SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL, children live in a homely environment with the support of their House Parents and mentors. Students learn to become independent, well-disciplined and socially interactive. They realize what they are capable of achieving and the experience of living independently opens up a whole new world of possibilities and achievements for them.