Contact Form
Contact Form


  • For admission , it will be absolutely necessary to submit
    • Certificate of age ( original )
    • Transfer certificate from the previous School attended ( original )
    • Report card of the previous class.
    • For senior section TC is valid as age proof.
  • Registration doesn’t guarantee admission.
  • The admission to the next higher class in the next session shall be given on amended rules and revised fee.
  • The admission will be from class Pre-nursery onwards and the child must be 3+ years of age for class Nursery.
  • At Swarnprastha Public School, we maintain total transparency with regard to admissions and request prospective parents to check up the School Website from time to time, to ensure that they do not miss any deadlines.
  • Any wrong information on the application form will amount to disqualification.
  • Recommendation letters, references, with respect to admission will not be considered and it may lead to dismissal of the application as well.  You are also kindly requested not to meet school authorities regarding such matters.
  • Kindly note that the SPS does not accept any nepotism, by way of donations or capitation fees. We advise the parents not to entertain such people who promise admissions at SPS in exchange for money.
  • The Admission Committee reserves its rights on issues regarding admission.
  • Children may be withdrawn on the grounds of indiscipline, failure in academics, medical or transfer of the parents, or less than 75% of attendance as per CBSE byelaws.
  • Cast certificate in case of SC/ST  and OBC to be submitted.
  • Parents are also requested to submit Vaccination Card for first schooling.