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Swarnprastha Public School has been awarded as the top most Green School campus by Centre of Science and Environment in 2017 based on the various initiatives SPS has taken. Swarnprastha Public School totally believes in sustainable environment and makes every effort to do its bit towards securing the Environment for the future. As an educational institution we feel it is our responsibility to sensitize these young minds towards nature and its importance and bring behavioral changes for a long term perspective. After all Generation X only will take good care of the environment. Therefore, it’s pertinent to walk the talk. At Swarnprastha Public School, we rely on simple techniques to build a Green Campus. Given below are some of the salient features that we are using:

Solar Power

In order to contribute to environment sustainability,  Swarnprastha Public School, uses its building space to generate clean solar electricity not only to make little cheaper form of power but also will make a lasting impression on our students. Parents, faculty, and the community appreciated our effort to reduce spending while creating a richer learning experience. We bring a real world solar energy experience into the classroom as our students are very keen to know the process and the entire solar power generation gives our student a firsthand experience

Ceiling heights

As a normal phenomenon the cool air is heavy and stays down and the hot air is light and always travels up. We have consciously kept the high ceiling heights thus allowing the space for hot air.


We use energy efficient lighting system using CFL Lamps. All the Luminaires are selected which are Mirror Optics and focus all the light to the required area and not wasting any light.

Rain Water Harvesting

We are having huge terrace areas of building blocks, all the storm water is channelized into the intelligently designed storm water drain network. The network is so designed that it not only accommodates the water that comes through rain in the campus area We have rain water harvesting pits are built and are strategically located near to a Bore Well so that these borewells get the recharge.

Segregation of Solid Waste:

We at SPS segregate Waste at source and inculcate this habit of waste segregation at source among students as well through various environment driven activities.

Recycling of Waste

We recycle most of the waste at school and as per Centre of Science and Environment observations its almost 99 per cent of waste and hopefully we shall achieve 100% soon to become waste efficient school at the earliest.

Textbook Reuse

We always try and sensitize and encourage the school community to reuse textbooks.

Burning of Waste

We do not burn waste and percolating it down to kids so that they discourage burning waste even outside the school.