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What are the School Timings?

Summer Timings: Nursery – K.G: 9:00 am -12:45 p.m., Class I – XII 8:00 am – 2.10 p.m

Winter Timings: Nursery – K.G:9:00 am -12:45 pm, Class I – X: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm, XI and XII 8.30 am – 12.45pm

Management structure which runs the school

Our Chairman Mr. Roshan Agarwal is a force behind SPS and has a team of thought leaders and educationists along with dynamic Principal and dedicated faculties and support staff to take forward the School and its vision.

Transport plan at SPS

The School has comfortable buses which ply on all major routes in of Sonepat and parts of Outer Delhi. More information and detailed route plan is available at the school office.

Till what class School enroll children?

We enroll from Nursery to Class IX and XI

What are the extracurricular activities at SPS?

We believe that “extra-curricular" is not the suitable term to describe non academic involvement in a school. Music, Dance, Art, Sport and club activities are essential constituent in the development of life skills among children to help them be prepared for the challenges of the future. These could vary from Sport disciplines to the Arts; Science to Humanitarian engagement. Kindly get in touch with the school team for more details at the time of admission enquiry.

What kind of medical facilities school provides?

We have a well equipped infirmary with qualified nursing staff at school during the working hours. Doctors are available on call. Additionally, we offer group accident insurance policy for all children and their 01 working parents.

How do you ensure the quality of the faculty at SPS?

We are extremely particular about engaging a faculty at SPS and do great care in recruitment process which has many stages like written test, interview with subject experts, demo class and finally interaction with the management before finalizing. We also look not just the requisite academic and professional qualifications but their passionate approach towards teaching. Understanding the best uses of technology, interpersonal and communication skills are also key skills of the teachers at SPS.

What is the curriculum of the School?

We follow CBSE prescribed course curriculum.

What are the sports facilities SPS provides?

SPS is coming up with Multi-Purpose Sport complex at par with international standards. Following are the world class sports facilities provided at the campus: Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, All weather swimming pool, Table-Tennis, Athletics, Archery, Shooting range , Gymnastic , Boxing, , Skating , Lawn tennis, Taekwondo etc.

Is there any hidden fee SPS charges?

Our fee structure is transparent; no additional fee is required to be paid through the year other than the stated fees, except for any voluntary activities like out of town school trips.

Does SPS have Internet facilities at campus?

Yes, the entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled. All teachers have laptops and class rooms have projectors for technologically enabled learning.

What is the class strength at SPS ?

Nursery, K.G not beyond 25, Class 1 upwards not beyond 30

What aspects of child safety system considered at SPS

All systems and processes are in place to ensure the safety of the child in the school premises and while in the school bus.

Is SPS is CBSE affiliated School

YES Affiliation No. is 530474 and School Code is 20089

Is SPS is AC School?

Yes, the class rooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. They are also well ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of spring and autumn months, so that children enjoy nature in the more moderate months.

What is SPS position on RTE?

We shall follow the law of the land with reference to the implementation of RTE in our schools.

What are the tools SPS have to interact with Parents?

To discuss the progress of the child, SPS organize PTMs quarterly, send notes to Parents through School Almanac and also uses SCHOOFI, a mobile app to track the daily activities, assignments, attendance, events, bus tracking, leave request, announcements on a real time basis.