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Message from the Board

As a parent, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is the choice of a school for your children. You will, without any doubt, want to ensure for them an education of the very highest standard, and to feel confident that they can develop fully and happily in an environment that will make the most of their potential. We would like to ensure you that their wellbeing in the broadest sense is in the hands of a team of people committed to an ethos of care, and that their physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual development richly blended with the 21st century skills will be guided by an able and stimulating teaching staff.

Since its foundation in 2004, SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL has established a reputation for the excellence with which it endeavours to meet these fundamental expectations of parents. Firmly rooted in the timeless philosophy of holistic development of a child, the school offers the security and stability which are essential to the confident growth of children and young adults. This stability requires a structured, disciplined environment which provides a balance of opportunities for both achievement and personal development. Supporting all these important features is the recognition that SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL is “home” for its pupils, meeting the particular needs of individuals, as well as those of the community. These are qualities and priorities to which every first class boarding school should aspire. SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL, however, stands alone in its unique combination of ways.

Furthermore, it offers an unsurpassable range of sports opportunities which the school exploits to the full. In addition, the rich blend of students from various parts that make up the SWARNPRASTHA PUBLIC SCHOOL community acts as a catalyst for a formative process of social and cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and respect and providing in turn a powerful international springboard for the citizens of tomorrow’s world.
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