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Are boarding schools focused on academics athletics discipline

The focus of a Good Boarding School

Boarding schools encourage a broad, all-encompassing curriculum that covers everything from humanities to technology, athletics to discipline, and everything in between, enabling students to develop all the qualities that make them valuable and unique.

At Swarnprastha Public school, we give the ideal atmosphere for children to develop into the finest versions of themselves by providing a loving and inclusive environment. Here, the value of an individual is not defined by the extent of their ability but rather by everything that makes them unique. Being the best CBSE school in Sonipat, our belief is that the four pillars of growth of a human being are – academics, discipline, arts, and athletics and we strive to make our students excel in each.


As the top school in Haryana, Swanprastha provides academics with a much broader curriculum. Class sizes are smaller and each student gets individualized attention from teachers. They are evaluated regularly on the basis of a strict CBSE curriculum which translates to high academic performance by the end of the year. Students are also provided with remedial classes and study help as required. This applies to full-time boarders and to the children who have opted for Flexi-boarding school facilities.


After school hours, the hostel facility ensures that the children get proper physical activity. As a supervised outdoor activity, students play cricket, football, table tennis, archery, boxing, horse riding, swimming, and much more. These regular activities and athletic programs ensure that students are developing physically. Our school athletes are motivated and disciplined. They take these qualities not only to the classroom but also in their regular lives.


Swarprastha Public School is known for its discipline. As the best CBSE school in Sonipat, guardians trust us to make their pupils disciplined and obedient young adults. To implement this, students are made to follow a strict study routine, light out, games, recreation, and food. We also arrange for regular cultural activities and workshops for our children. This broadens their mind and makes them more inclusive of other cultures, countries, and backgrounds.