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The modern age of education has transformed schools into more than mere classrooms where teachers impart lectures to a group of students. The benchmark of performance has risen, students are required to develop more than one skill, and schools are bound to provide facilities to make things a reality. Even boarding schools have to do more than provide a simple room for a student to stay in, along with four square meals a day.

There are numerous parameters that work in sync to put an institute in the list of the top 5 schools in Sonepat and there must be a perfect balance among all. You must consider the curriculum, safety in the campus, the competence of the faculty members, and the value for your money along with basic factors like school performance, facilities available, and so on.

Here is a list of the top 5 Boarding schools in India that follow the CBSE curriculum and have mastered the art of imparting education. Select the right school based on your criteria and send your child to the best one.

  1. Swarnprastha Public School

If you are looking for an institute that ticks all the boxes of being the perfect institute, Swarnprastha is the school for you. Currently, the best school in Sonepat, both in terms of education and facilities, SPS has recently started a day boarding facility for its students to live and grow in an intellectual academic environment. SPS has world-class infrastructure spread over an eighteen-acre lush green campus with a faculty team comparable to any of the top schools worldwide.

The school maintains high standards with:

  • Twenty-four hours security in its entire campus
  • Project-based learning for enhanced retention
  • Equal focus on extra-curricular activities along with academics
  • International exposure to the students
  • Career guidance and counseling sessions with one-to-one attention

And so on. The institute continues to improve its educational value and settles for nothing but the best for its students. There’s the provision of scholarship for talented students and a curriculum that focuses on the STEAM structure. It is also signing an MOU with Edinburgh’s International Award to help its students gain the necessary skills to prosper in life and have a smooth career path. So, if you are located in the NCR region, Swarnprastha is definitely your go-to institute.

  1. Lawrence School

A co-ed boarding school in Himachal that surrounds its educational values around compassion and empathy. This institute has grown over the years to include modern facilities like a resourceful library, variety in sports, spacious classrooms, and so on. Affiliated to the CBSE board, this institute provides a full boarding facility and is known to maintain high standards in its dormitory facility. If you are looking to send your child away for a solid, 2-3 months, Lawrence can be one of your options.

  1. Chinmaya International Residential School

Lawrence misses out on the international exposure part, which is definitely important in the current age. Chinmaya International of Tamil Nadu brings that along combined with all the other facilities of a boarding school. The institute’s performance is decent and the faculty strength and value are great as well. Your child will have options to take up any sport from a variety of options on a modern campus. Frequent educational tours and the heritage it maintains are the institute’s USP.

  1. Rashtriya Indian Military College

Some parents prefer a bit of discipline in an educational institution and Rashtriya Indian Military College in Dehradun can be your choice. Although founded in 1922, the school has developed its infrastructure to include all the modern-day boarding facilities. There’s an on-campus cybercafé, a swimming pool, decent library, a computer center, and so on. This is another school that has a day boarding facility for the locals along with a choice in extra-curricular activities and excursions.

  1. The Scindia School

This boarding school in Madhya Pradesh is known for its exchange programs, improved technological installations, and sports options like horse riding and skating. There is an open theatre, a career cell along with both residential and day-boarding facilities. The school’s performance in academics has been decent over the years and their motto focuses on developing the student’s personality. If you are searching for a sports-oriented school with equal importance to your studies, Scindia is a good option.

And the list will go on but there is a reason why Swarnprastha Public School is at the top of this list. Every advantage that you see in the other institutes in this list, SPS has it. Every drawback that you may notice, Swarnprastha has addressed it. There’re sports, international exposure, top performance, and so on. Without a doubt, SPS is one of the best CBSE schools in Sonepat that you can send your child to. So, weigh your options and take your time. Schooling and education are probably the most important decision that you will ever make for your child. Every student deserves the best and it is the need of the hour.