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Collaborative learning is one of the most admired patterns of teaching for educators. Engagement of students during sessions not only promote productive learning but also ensure the enhancement of student-teacher relationship. However, getting students engaged is one complex task that concerns educators to a great extent. At times students might not find the topic or the pattern interesting which in turn makes it hard for tutors to promote student-centric collaborative learning. Below exemplified are a few ways that foster Student-Centered collaborative learning:


  1. Design Complex Activities: Complexity is the key to attracting attentiveness from students. When students are provided with easy assessments, they tend to solve those with minimum consultation. However, when it comes to the complex ones, collaboration becomes a must between an educator and student. Design activities that involve both tutors and students to work together as a team. Such can be done by initiating activities like research, case studies, discussions, etc. Student-centric collaboration can only be done by the way of these complex projects. The best boarding schools in Sonipat promote student collaborative learning more than those doing individual studies with minimum participation. 
  2. Small Groups for Maximum Participation: Teamwork or Group work does wonder when it comes to solving theories, or undergoing assessments. In order to ensure maximum participation, it is essential for educators to make sure of the fact that their groups have been kept tiny. A huge number of students in a single group result in conflicts and less participation from students. But, when it comes to a group of 4-5 students, participation becomes mandatory. That’s where the tutors also begin to take note of every activity. Some tasks can be a quiz, case studies, group discussions, etc. Hence, collaborative learning can be successfully commenced with smaller groups. 
  3. Sharing Resources: One of the best strategies to initiate a collaboration is teaching the art of sharing to students. Educators, if deliver activities involving students sharing the commodities followed with interest will boost student-centric learning. Also, these will embrace their interpersonal skills. Tutors can undertake hand on activities by dividing students into different groups. In order to initiate sharing process, the students could be offered limited resources. That’s when the group will learn how to effectively make use of the team and showcase considerable results. 
  4. Be a Coach: Sounds strange right? But that’s the way to effective student-centric collaborative learning. Instead of being a tutor to the students, try to become their coach instead. For instance, get involved with students, talk to them, generate open conversations, teach them skills, practice with them, and so on. That’s when a student will become comfortable and grasp most of the knowledge at a faster pace. Such an approach will prove extremely beneficial for the long run and collaborative learning in the form of a team will initiate quality education. The top 10 day-boarding schools in Sonipat practice these approaches practically to ensure their collaborative learning is being successfully initiated. 
  5. Designate Roles: In order to boost the confidence and make a student learn the responsibility, an educator must designate roles within team members. For instance, a team of students must comprise a monitor, an assessor, a timekeeper, a meeting leader, an attendance recorder, etc. Such roles accelerate an exclusive level of confidence which results in better participation. That’s when they do not lose their interest. It keeps the team engaged in the long run. Also, the students understand the relevance of their roles too. Educators must implement the concerned strategy to ensure collaboration amongst students.

With the students coming from diverse backgrounds, the student Centered collaborative learning is becoming a major focus in every growing institution. The approach is being implemented to ensure a productive education. This collective learning is proving beneficial to students in several ways like increased confidence, improved communication skills, teamwork, etc. on the other hand, it has been measured that collaborative learning is also proving beneficial in the development of interpersonal skills. 

Swarnprastha Public School, one of the best CBSE Boarding schools in Sonipat, focus in providing student centric collaborative learning and lay a keen focus on delivering the quality education by the exceptional educators. They implement the best strategies for the same and that’s what reflects in their students. The skills provided by the school’s methodology help students in learning essential skills and succeed in their endeavours.