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how can boarding school students become more Independent learners

A study conducted in the United States revealed that school students spend almost 20,000 hours inside classrooms by the time they are 18 years old and yet, they retain very little of what they learned in that span. Most students forget their lessons in a very short time after passing school and a greater number cannot apply the knowledge they remember in college or the real world. Such statistics show the unproductive environment that most schools around the globe are failing to address. On paper, students might be educated but in real life, learning remains ineffective.

However, the top boarding schools in Sonipat have been tackling this issue for quite some time now. Instead of designing their pedagogy around a fixed curriculum, these boarding schools are taking a more personalised approach that is creating independent learners. Students in these futuristic schools learn of their own free will and naturally, knowledge retention is higher than a typical day school. What is the secret of creating independent learners? A few learning strategies that are known to help.

Create motivation to learn new things

Creating motivation among students is the first and probably the most challenging step to building independent learners. Every topic that a student learns in a classroom will be new and if he/she learns with motivation and enthusiasm, the retention will naturally be better. Students primarily draw motivation from their teachers. And then the impact of peers comes in to keep the zeal to learn burning. Boarding schools are the perfect spots to provide both and their students automatically stay motivated throughout the course.

In boarding schools, students are almost always under the influence of their teachers. They study with their teachers in the classrooms and live inside the same campus at accessible distances. The passion overflows due to the proximity which builds the foundation of being motivated. And then in the hostels, students are surrounded by equally motivated peers. The feeling becomes infectious as students help each other to reach excellence. In typical day schools, this becomes challenging as students face a totally different environment when they go home at the end of every day.

Set learning goals and self-access the journey

A typical classroom in the best school in Sonipat starts with the question – what will you learn at the end of this lecture? This not only clears the purpose of the intended lesson but also sets a clear learning goal that the students are expected to achieve. Having goals are important for development. If students cannot see why they must sit through an hour of math lesson and what they achieved after attending the class, very few will have the interest to come back again tomorrow. And just like learning itself, its goals have to be personalised as well. A struggling student will need a goal to sharpen a specific skill while a performing one will need to aim to learn more advanced topics.

And during this journey, students need the skill to self-access themselves. How did learning a new thing change their perspective? What all can they do now which they previously could not? Self-assessment will begin a chain reaction of self-appreciation and self-confidence that will, in turn, feed motivation. Goals help to quantify learning and self-assessment enables students to test the benchmark. This is how the top boarding school students learn.

Learn in different environments

The top 5 schools in Sonipat with boarding facilities have world-class infrastructure. Right from the sports centre to the cafeteria, the campus is built for students to thrive. These do help in soft skill development but the expansive campus also aids in creating independent learners and advancing knowledge retention. Take the cafeteria for example. This is a classic place where students of different classes can come together and bounce ideas of each other. Intellectual discussions will lead to collaboration and group studying will feed the ambition to learn more.

Also, the human brain is wired to remember experiences based on locations. If learning only happens in the classrooms, it is easy for the mind to forget different lessons as the ambiance did not change. But if a student learns different subjects in different places within the boarding school, his/her mind will connect the lesson with the location and create long-lasting memories efficiently.

Hence, it should come as no surprise when you see that the students of Swarnprastha Public School are independent learners. The boarding school ambiance of the school feeds the skill and the pedagogy is designed to help students retain their lessons and learn to apply them in the real world. SPS students are achievers because they learn with motivation. They share their academic passion with their teachers and peers and naturally walk towards success. Schooling is complete at SPS because the boarding system is achievement-oriented.