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Soft skills are undoubtedly a key part of education, in addition to academics. The development of soft skills is necessary in order to get the children ready for the rest of their life, including their careers. This is why the reputed boarding schools in Sonipat emphasize highly on enhancing the soft skills of the children. These schools hire specialized mentors who guide the students in various ways, teaching them non-academic values and skills.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are basically the characteristic traits which form the personality of an Individual. The soft skills allow individuals to use their knowledge and technical skills in the best possible way. During the academic life, soft skills help a child perform better in academic and extracurricular activities. Moreover, the enhancement that their personality undergoes also helps them in their career later on in life. A person with well-developed soft skills is likely to find employment more easily and be more productive at a job. A good boarding school can help children develop various soft skills such as:

  • Decision making: In order to succeed in life, one certainly needs to be a good decision maker. The ability to make the right decision at the right place and time can help an individual in various ways from their career to personal life. When children grow up under the shadow of their parents, decision making skills do not always develop well as the parents make most of the decisions. However, when children grow up in a boarding school, they have to make most of his/her everyday decisions. When they face any difficulties, they approach the mentors, who help them make the right choice and explain the reasoning behind it.
  • Communication: From education to employment, communication is necessary in every field. A person who lacks communication skills wouldn’t be able to express himself/herself to others. This can pose serious problems in one’s personal life or job. In a boarding school, children have to communicate with their teachers and peers on a regular basis. The mentors help them develop better oratorical and writing skills for effective communication. The children get to learn how to approach a person in the right way and convey a message, which remains a valuable skill for a lifelong period of time.
  • Teamwork: Ever since childhood, children are taught about teamwork by their parents. However, nothing beats practical experience when it comes to learning. In a boarding school, the mentors teach the children the significance of values like teamwork, cooperation and compromise. The students are able to practically use these skills while working with their peers and friends in various day-to-day activities, sports and projects. The best school in Sonepat with boarding facilities would therefore offer sports amenities to help the students learn teamwork better.
  • Mutual respect: Studying in a boarding school teaches students about mutual respect. They learn to respect other individuals from various ethnicities, and become much more open minded. The mentors facilitate this process by helping the children understand the concept of equality. This is evidently a valuable teaching as it helps the children become better people who would treat others fairly irrespective of their race.
  • Extracurricular activities: As boarding schools act as a home to the children; various activities need to be arranged for them to cater to their recreational needs. Apart from amenities like playing areas, the schools make arrangements for a variety of other extra-curricular activities too, such as art, music and other performances. These boost the creativity of the students and help them flourish better. The mentors help the children choose the right activities for themselves and provide them with the necessary guidance.
  • Leadership abilities: In one’s professional life, leadership skills are of considerable significance. It helps an individual progress through their career and attain success by effectively leading their teams and taking initiatives. The boarding schools present children the right opportunity to boost this skill while the mentors guide them. While living in a boarding school, the children often have to take up various initiatives for projects, sports or other activities. This helps them learn how to manage a team, take a decision for the benefit of the team and be impartial.

A reputed CBSE school in Sonipat, like Swarnprastha, would certainly hire mentors with considerable experience in this field. These mentors provide the children with the necessary assistance that their parents cannot when the children stay in a boarding school away from home. They communicate with every child and offer individual care, seeking out their strengths and weaknesses and helping them develop the necessary soft skills.