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Going Back to School After COVID-19: 6 Tips for Students and Parents

Countries around the world are gradually staggering into normalcy. Along with life, schools are also opening doors. But just because the policymakers are allowing children to return to school, it does not mean that the threat of COVID-19 has gone away. That being said and accepted, schools cannot remain closed until the virus has vanished completely. No one knows when that will happen. A few months of lockdown has already left many children behind in education and online teaching is rarely as effective as the physical classroom.

When the notice does come to go back to school, we will all have to overcome our fear of the virus, maintain safety precautions and be responsible for the health of the teachers, staff, students and parents alike. For a smooth transition into normal schooling, here are 6 tips for parents and students.

Tips for parents:

  1. Communicate clearly with your child

The top CBSE schools in Sonepat will ask you to clearly communicate with your child about going back to school as they will when the students return. It is illogical to assume that the children do not fear the virus. Chances are that they are more scared than you are. Talk to your child and explain the facts. Tell him/her that the chances of catching the virus reduce if he/she maintains personal hygiene habits like wearing masks and washing hands. And on the possibility that the student catches the virus, he/she is likely to heal completely with rest.

  1. Get him/her into a disinfection routine

Set a few rules for your child when he/she is outside. For instance, ask the child to wash hands thoroughly with soap before touching any food. Also, use the santiser in the bag frequently after touching a hard surface. Teach him/her to cough or sneeze in the elbow and never to take off the mask when in spaces filled with people. Try your best to turn these into a routine. Keep close watch and practice at home. Once the practices become a habit, your child will maintain these safety measures without any type of adult supervision.

  1. Teach the essence of responsible reporting

The COVID-19 carries symptoms similar to the common cold. This is where you need to step in and teach your child the importance of responsible reporting. Although schools and parents will carry the responsibility of keeping any sick child home, students sitting in the mix must also understand that a normal cough is not COVID-19. Here again, talk to your child to report any such instance to the teacher instead of spreading the news around in the class. Make sure he/she understands that rumours can cause chaos.

Tips for students:

  1. Follow the school’s health rules always

All schools in Sonepat will hand out a set of rules to be followed strictly while on the premises. And every point on that sheet will be for the benefit of your health. You must ensure that you follow them closely and encourage your peers to do the same as the question of safety concerns the community. Practices like social distancing, sanitising at the gate, not forming a hurdle in the corridors or coming to school with masks will help to keep the threat of COVID-19 away and keep education on track without any more hiccups.

  1. Take your issues to the teacher

It will not be easy to get back to the routine of schooling again. You might be facing problems settling in or struggling to concentrate in the class given the uncertainty. With time, these feelings might go away but you should immediately report your issues to the teacher. Arrange online individual sessions, if required, or share your concerns with the school’s counsellor. You may also help a friend to seek counselling so that the entire class can move forward without anyone staying behind.

  1. Focus on facts

The top 5 schools in Sonepat teach critical thinking to make students responsible citizens. You must use that skill to focus on facts about the coronavirus and keep the myths away from your life. When you are returning to school and stepping into society again, you will come across various news from different people. Think over them critically, discuss them in class. Avoid assuming every word of what you hear to be true and spreading fear in the process. Logically analyse and then believe.

The disruption has caused a pandemonium. But with proper guidance, everyone can fit in again. Swarnprastha Public School is currently focusing on just that as the priority is not only on physical health but on mental well-being as well. Once open, SPS will work closely with the local authorities, teachers, parents, students and staff to maintain a healthy ambiance in the school and bring education back on track through efficient collaboration.

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