Boarding Life

Swarnprastha Public School is also a residential School and life in the boarding is a very important aspect of the all-round education and development of the students.

Most of the inherent values and traditions of school like leadership, entrepreneurism, adventure, democracy, neutrality, and global outlook and above all the will to make a difference, the desire to serve the underprivileged, and the need to excel are all nurtured at boarding house.

Rules at SPS are very clear and enforced by the staff be it lights out, studying hours, bathing hours, cafeteria, and telephone use times , play time etc. House Parent’s live in the immediate neighborhood and are easily accessible to the boarders. The manual of rules and regulations are being updated and send to boarders, parents and staff members.

In addition to care in the Houses, there are excellent medical facilities in school in the event of ill health or accidents or any matter of a medical nature and there is a formal tie up with reputed hospital which is just 02 Kms away from the school for more comprehensive facilities.

At the snack bar students are served a healthy buffet breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with adequate care to ensure that a nutritious and balanced diet is served. An elaborate menu is carefully scheduled so that it appeals to the students who come from different cultures and backgrounds. The dining hall is a cheerful place where students not only eat nutritious meals, but also catch up with friends and relax.

As the entire campus is wi-fi enabled, students can speak to their parents via Skype and can remain in touch with them through the House Parent.

Supervised games and sports are pursued by the students after school hours. With numerous playing fields and sporting facilities, students pursue games in the morning and evening at sports block and pursue various games like Cricket, Football, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, TT, Shooting Range , Archery , Boxing , Taekwondo, Gymnastic , Volleyball, Golf , Horse Riding, Squash, Football, All weather Swimming Pool and Basketball. All the sporting facilities can be accessed for a dedicated time each day under the supervision of dedicated coaches.

Field trips and outings are regularly organized for the boarders. They are accompanied with their House Parent and Mentors.

The boarders have an active schedule that focuses on providing every student with scholastic support under the command of trained faculty. A prep time is allocated wherein each boarder prepares their lessons. Their academic growth is monitored and they have access to the classrooms in the main school building during evening study. Boarders also have individual study units in their rooms.

Our School has well stocked on campus tuck shop with wide range of Indian and foreign commodities to meet the requirements.

SPS creates an environment of mutual respect between the teacher and the learners, where each and every learner health and wellbeing are supremely important. Discipline is based on the principles of justice and equality. Students are expected to be polite, courteous, and mindful about others in and outside of the school campus.

SPS education is rooted in a belief in developing a set of core values that will provide students with the framework to live within for their lifetime.


Flexi Boarding & Day Boarding

Both flexi boarding and day boarding concepts are being amongst the favored options for those parents who have nucleus families and both parents are working or have long and unpredictable working hours.  Keeping in mind the new socio economic perspective, Swarnprastha has introduced now weekly /flexi boarding and day boarding concepts. It help the families to enable their children to concentrate better on their academics by reducing the time spent travelling to and fro from the school, and by giving them full access to comprehensive academic and co-curricular facilities.

Weekly boarders usually live at school from Sunday night or Monday morning until Friday or Saturday as per the academic calendar of SPS.

Day boarders who sleeps at home but spend extended school hours to be a part of the academics and co –curricular activities even after formal school hours.


Role of Parents:

  • At the beginning of the session attend the orientation day
  • Volunteering in classrooms/after school activities.
  • Tutoring children in specific content areas.
  • Attending open houses and parent teacher conferences on a regular basis.
  • Contacting teachers/counselors by phone or mail to discuss status of your child.
  • Reading all communication sent home from the school (Almanac, Mobile App, Website etc.).
  • Cooperating with suggestions given by school personnel for your child’s academic success:
    • Building self-confidence
    • Positive/negative reinforcement to build motivation.
    • Setting goals
    • Reinforcing study skills
    • Developing responsibility
    • Checking homework for quality work
    • Signing whatever documentation the school has developed to assure that your child is working towards high standards (eg. Report cards, nightly agendas, assignment journals, etc.).
  • Attending parenting workshops, if offered.
  • Volunteer your services
    • Help to organize guest faculty/field trips/excursions etc
    • Help the school raise sponsorship for various events to mitigate the cost
    • Help on projects such as the school Newsletter/Annual Magazine
    • Help in your child’s class, in the school library, in the cafeteria, or in the school office
    • Tutor students in areas such as reading, storytelling, Math, English, Computer skills, or other subjects of your choice
    • Help in community service
    • Or whatever you may think best for the school.

Essential Information

The school is academically selective, and requires students to appear for written examinations in as per their previous class followed by a personal interaction. For all queries and information related to admissions, please also view the school’s website www.swarnprastha.com

Next Step

Once you have expressed an interest in SPS, you will receive regular communications from the school. All prospective parents are kept fully informed of activities and developments in the school by email, as well as through the news section on the website. Parent information is not divulged to a third party outside school. A formal offer letter will be offered with the other necessary paperwork for your completion and return. A deposit of applicable fees will have to be made to reserve your place.

Once your ward joins SPS, you will be invoiced term-wise. Invoices are issued at the end of each term for the next term’s fees. Invoices should be settled before the first day of the term.

The school reserves the right to raise the school fees annually.
Contact Address: Sector 19, Near Omaxe city, NH-1, Sonepat (Haryana)
Contact No: +91 97292 13802/ +91 9212583803/ 1800 1800 842
Email: admissions@swarnprastha.com

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