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The Covid-19 Pandemic has imposed a considerate pause on lives. With the extended curfews, frequent lockdowns, and restrictions, the education system in the country has been massively affected. The students are already paying a huge price by not being able to resume their regular classes. This has resulted in the loss of motivation for many, especially for the ones who resided in boarding schools. However, there are several ways wherein students can be kept motivated and positive throughout this pandemic. Here’s our special parents’ guide to support boarding school students at home: 


  1. Embrace the engagement: As compared to the day boarders, Students residing in boarding schools miss their time with family. Due to the restrictions, with students being at home, parents have been exposed to the opportunity to engage with their kids all over again. Set a routine, engage them in conversations, listen to their exciting boarding experiences and likewise, understand their fears. That’s when you will get to know them better. Acknowledging their feelings and expressing their understanding will make your child feel secure and positive throughout these tough times. 
  2. Small Goals do wonders: When in school, students are always engaged in some way or the other. However, with the pandemic closing the school doors for children, they have become lazy. The boarding schools kept the children involved in activities post routine schoolwork. So parents, Set small goals for them. For instance, make a checklist of your child’s hobbies, or make their homework interesting. Don’t make them miss school much by adding extra activities throughout the day. Indoor games would also do wonders for them. These small goals will be feasible for your child and his development.
  3. Track their studies: There is no doubt in the fact that pandemic has impacted a student’s productivity to a great extent. The focus and attention which a child received in its school, somehow, has been compromised at home. It is highly essential to keep a track of the studies of your child. Also, be informed about the sessions and other activities being undertaken by the tutors. Commencing a connection with your child’s school faculty will help you stay updated with your child’s performance. The Top schools in Sonipat ensure that their students’ parents are actively being informed about the performances and about the advances being made in accordance with the ongoing pandemic situation. 
  4. Virtual Get together’: The students in boarding schools get to spend their time with their friends throughout the year. They stay together, learn together, play together, and so on. However, due to schools being shut at present, your child would be missing his friends the most. One of the most exciting things parents could do is to make sure that their child is connected to their friends. Surprise your child by arranging a virtual get-together and let them know how better you understand their feeling of missing on friends. Plan virtual online games for them. Such activities will keep them close to their friends and maybe, they might miss their school a bit less. 
  5. Cyber Protection: With studies being shifted to online platforms, students are being exposed to cyber threats. Although digital platforms have made it easy for students to stay in touch with their friends and engage in learning, several dangers surround their privacy too. Parents, it’s time to ensure that your child is secured with internet access. There’s no harm in establishing a routine for digital use. Apart from learning sessions, make sure your child has restricted screen time per day. There’s no harm in talking to your ward about the threats and disadvantages associated with heavy internet usage. The best CBSE boarding school in Sonipat trains its students with online education and the consequences attached to them. 


Students, residing in boarding schools, tend to find it quite different for living for a longer duration at home. Now, with schools shifted to an online platform, parents need to ensure that their child is motivated and that he is not missing on their school or hostels. A major focus is required to keep an eye on a child’s mental health. Swarnprastha Public School makes sure that parents are well informed of the performances and that the students are doing well even digitally. That’s what makes it the best school in Sonipat. Covid 19 has increased complexities in both personal as well as professional lives, however, now it is up to us how well we make our kids cope with the changes and make them enjoy the new normal.