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“Children are the future and the most valued treasure of a strong and prosperous nation.”

Dear Enlightened Parents

Today’s education system faces a greater challenge in terms of imparting the right knowledge and the apt experience that blends to create wonderful, young and successful students. We at Swarnprastha Public School provide every treasured child a platform to move with a positive mind full of confidence so that he grows up to become a strict disciplinarian and takes his country towards prosperity.

The world has become highly competitive. And to prepare our students to face the stiff competition, Swarnprastha Public School has adopted a pedagogy that caters to ever-changing challenges both in society and place of work. We concentrate on the overall development of our children that helps them overcome the adversities of life. We plan to arm the students with appropriate skills and a wide range of opportunities that would create in them the power to introspect and become great achievers in life. In short, we produce good human beings with compassion in their heart. We educate them about the importance of clean and green surroundings, provide them with national and international platforms, teach them to help the poor and the destitute, up skill them to take vital decisions at the blink of an eye and infuse in them the obligation of preserving life on this beautiful planet by prolife rating the message of peace.

At Swarnprastha Public School we continuously equip our teachers with simple yet innovative learning strategies that help them to teach more effectively in turn making the students academically inquisitive, scientifically innovative, spiritually wise and emotionally strong.

It gives us a sense of pride when we see our children touching the great heights in life without compromising the qualities of honesty, benevolence, empathy, tolerance, discipline and respect for others. Boarding School in India These attributes distinguish the Swarnprasthians from others.

Dear parents I welcome you to a partnership which aims at molding our children in such a way that they become the true global citizens of India.“With the paradigms of education ever-changing, let’s take the arc of history in our hands and build a better and safer tomorrow in imaginative and innovative ways”.

Warm regards
Rashmi Grover