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Why are Students Always Under So Much Academic Pressure? Who is at Fault?

Physical fitness is an important aspect that not only boosts mental health but academic performance in children. Sports provide children an exciting gateway to break the monotony of classroom studies and keep their minds happy. It is a fact that regular indulgence in sports also has social and psychological benefits. Adhering to this aspect the top schools in Sonepat are also nowadays focusing on engaging children in more physical activities. Here are some key benefits of sports in schools!

Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem

Playing sports is an excellent way of developing a child’s self-esteem and self-confidence. This especially happens when they receive words of appreciation from their fellow mates, parents, teachers, etc. It helps to raise their self-esteem, but self-esteem cannot be judged based on winning or losing a game. Most importantly a child must enjoy a game rather than only focusing on winning.

Manage Emotions

While playing or watching any sports, high emotions run through everybody’s mind. But a flow of negative emotion can have an adverse effect on a child and this is where the necessity of a good coach comes in. They help children understand the bad impact of negative emotions on their performance. These words of wisdom that a child ingrains at a younger age stay with them lifelong, which aids them to overcome any hurdle in life.


A set of mental, tactical, and physical disciplines is required to play any sport. Thus while playing sports children learn to obey the coach, follow the rules and regulations, practice restraint, etc. This discipline helps them reach the epitome of life to achieve their goals.

Social skills

Social interaction with a diverse group of people is another benefit of sports. While playing, children not only mingle with kids of the same age but with those younger and older teammates, sports authorities, and coaches. This helps them make new friends and improves their social and communication skills.


Practice makes a man perfect but it’s patience that helps in attaining perfection. Sports help children to become patient and keep on trying to achieve their goals.


While playing sports, children learn about the importance of dedication and perseverance along with practice and patience. A match can be victorious or lost, and with perseverance, a child learns to overcome the bad time and become resilient. It also helps in enhancing their critical thinking and coping skills, which can overcome greater atrocities in life.

Accept defeat

One outstanding quality of sports is that it helps children learn to accept defeat. They learn how to accept their loss and strive harder to become victorious graciously. It also helps instill the spirit of healthy competition in them.


An age-old proverb says, united we stand, divided we fall. This adage is not just applicable in sports, where a team performance matters rather than an individual’s, but in real life as well. So sports help children learn the importance of working for a team.

Respect Authority

In life, it is essential to only respect elders but remains submissive in professional life as well. Playing sports helps a child learn how to respect referees, coaches, and even their teammates.

Leadership Skills

In today’s world having leadership skills is a great asset, and from childhood, sports help children aspire to become a good leaders. This includes their management skills, behavioral pattern, and decision-making skills. In their later life children can apply these skills together to combat real-time challenges.

The benefits of playing sports are not only limited to psychological and physiological aspects but as well as aid in enhancing a child’s overall performance.

Athletics helps in improving the memory and cognitive functions of the brain, which in turn supports a child to sharpen their memory skills and perform better in academics. Besides, the academic performance is also enhanced with perseverance and discipline, which a child follows on the playground and in real life. Participating in sports also helps children find their passion and focus on achieving their goals. Furthermore, a sportsperson lives a disciplined and dedicated life, and thus by following this trait, a child keeps away from bad habits and takes better and wiser decisions in life.

Thus going by this system of education several top-ranking schools in Sonipat offer all-around development of children. Amongst the top 10 schools in Sonepat, Swarnprastha actively encourages children to participate in the yearly sports activities, which will help in their mental, physical, and academic development. The school believes in the holistic, overall development of a child and helps them prepare for life!