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The modern form of day schooling is actually an evolved version of boarding schools. Go a few generations back and you will find an era where parents used to send their children away for schooling quite young and despite the associated emotional pains, the students used to turn out quite well. Somewhere in the middle, we accepted day schooling as the child always comes back home every day and we could keep them under our watch daily. But the trend is changing now again. Young students prefer being more independent and parents are realizing that keeping them tied at home is not teaching that many life skills. Hence, the best school in Sonipat with boarding facilities are coming to the forefront again, this time making a strong case for student independence.

Independence of self

Right from making their own beds to getting ready for classes on time to attending the dinner table, the entire responsibility lies on the students themselves. In a home setting, the push often comes from parents and it becomes a habit where the worry is of the parent to get their children to school. This is never the case in boarding schools. The onus is on the student, the consequence is faced by the student. And being responsible for one’s own actions creates a sense of independence. Boarding school students thus start becoming self-reliant at an earlier age than day school students. They start understanding that every choice comes with a price and no one else will pay it for them.

Independence of communication

It is always easier for children to communicate things to their parents. They have spoken their first words to their parents and in case of any discomfort, they have sought out their parents. But these go-to figures are absent in boarding schools. Teachers and peers surround the students. The situation forces many boarders to come out of their comfort zones and start improving their communication. Sure, the top CBSE school in Sonipat keeps a favourable ambiance where points of contact are not too distant for young children but more often than not, students have to communicate with someone other than their parents to live in the hostels. Here comes the independence of communication – the freedom to talk to anyone and everyone.

Independence of living in a community

Our homes are our comfort zones. It is easier to live with family members, negotiating personal demands and compromising wherever necessary. However, place a non-family member in the scenario and maintaining peace becomes a separate domain altogether. In the future, students will ultimately have to leave the comfort zones of their homes. They will have to live and work with complete strangers and negotiate to maintain peace on all sides. Boarding schools become a training ground for such a life and students share rooms with peers whom they do not know. The sense of independence of living in a community thus develops. Playing by a common rule and not only your own. Students understand the value of compromise, teamwork, boundaries and so on.

Independence of thought

As parents, we all pass on certain beliefs and ideas to our children. And the more the children stay in our influence, the stronger their beliefs become. When the students move out in a world where numerous peers come with varying beliefs, opening the mind becomes difficult if the influence of the parents has been strong. One of the core essences of schooling is to educate children with various ideas and allow them to decide. And such maturity is possible when the influence of parents is not available every time. Best boarding schools in Sonipat create independence of thought. Students pass out as open-minded citizens capable of thinking and deciding freely. This is a vital skill to ultimately become successful adults and modern parents are increasingly identifying the importance.

Beyond these, there are always aspects of better choices of extra-curricular activities in boarding schools, a better team of faculty and a better ambiance that consists of peers with similar ambitions. All of these come together to result in independent students who are in touch with their selves, their goals and their personalities.

Swarnprastha Public School is an acclaimed boarding school in the Sonepat region where building such life skills are of primary importance. The school is reputed for its infrastructure, skill development, academic achievement and boarding facilities. SPS students pass out independent. They are self-reliant and freedom-oriented both in academics and personal lives. Swarnprastha’s boarding ambiance helps all students to find their inner potentials, learn new skills and use their independence productively to become adults who can thrive later with minimal dependency on anyone to move forward. Boarding schools are here to stay and SPS is right there at the top.