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5 Futuristic Technical Skills that the Best Boarding School Teaches

Technology now runs in the very fabric of our society. Be it professional or personal, we need technical skills both to survive and thrive. But technology is fast-paced. What we have today is sure to improve 5 years down the line or even get replaced by something new and better. This rate of development poses a challenge for both boarding schools and their students for the institutions are burdened to teach skills in technology that are yet to become a reality. Hence, the top 10 boarding schools in Delhi NCR focus on futuristic technical skills, ones we know will take over soon and help students to craft a foundation upon which they can build later.

Here are 5 such skills that students need to learn today.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and adaptive learning

The era of artificial intelligence is coming. And experts say that they might take away jobs in the future. Hence, the only way to defend one’s job is to gather expertise in the technology so that when AI takes over, the student can be its designer. Most top boarding schools have already started teaching the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and adaptive learning in their classrooms and are imparting coding lessons along these lines. Going ahead, irrespective of the field the student chooses for his/her career, AI is sure to play an imperative role in some way or the other.

  1. Robotics technology

Right after artificial intelligence, the buzzword is robotics. We already have robots that can carry out many tasks and even machines that can understand emotions. The time is not far when humans will have to survive and work alongside robots, either supervising their actions or employing them to make life easier. Learning robotics in school will help students to stay on top of the technology. They can either work directly in the industry or present robotics as a skill in a company that employs robots to get their work done. Understanding how every joint of a robot works along with the electronics and programming involved also develops cognition among students.

  1. Cloud management

The boarding school in NCR now teaches cloud management right as part of their IT training for the transition from physical storage to a common server is increasingly taking shape. Learning cloud management will make students technically sound. Not only will they become more proficient in handling data that is stored in the cloud but they will also understand cybersecurity to a depth that will keep them digitally safe. Today, almost everything goes up in the cloud, from the picture we click to the contact numbers we save. Students need the knowledge to have awareness and also to find professional success in life.

  1. 3D printing

Future engineers will heavily use 3D printing. So will the architects, designers, fashion experts, and teachers. 3D printing is taking modeling and simulation to the next level and this is a technology that has already seen much penetration. At the school level, students need 3D printing to give their ideas shape. To build a miniature version of their imagination or to explore a career option, 3D printers are the perfect tool. Boarding schools need to facilitate this to promote education freedom and exploration and equip students with the knowledge of a technology that is soon going to explode. This is one of those skills that are no longer futuristic.

  1. Internet of Things

The technology to connect everyday items to the internet. The top CBSE school in Sonipat no longer keeps IoT skills outside the domains of IT knowledge. IoT has already invaded our homes, transport, workplaces, and more. Apart from learning the fundamentals, students need the knowledge for awareness as well. They need to understand which gadgets are safe to connect to the internet and which are not. Additionally, IoT is gradually becoming an industry altogether that will soon need skilled professionals. And having the foundation developed right in the school will help the future career prospects of students.

Swarnprastha Public School, one of the best boarding schools in Haryana, teaches all the above futuristic skills. Through its ATAL Tinkering Lab and Microsoft Image Academy, SPS is building and refining the technical skills of students so that they can thrive in a digital world. The farsightedness shows the school’s appetite for maintaining a modern pedagogy and the zeal to promote innovation. All students have access to the labs to explore, learn, experiment, and create. Technical training is crucial now along with educational and personality development. And good boarding schools will place as much priority on technology that any other traditional pedagogy that most institutions generally follow.