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There are rarely few students who enjoy reading books during their school time. Reading, nowadays, has become fashionable. The reading habit commences the personal development of the student, followed by an enhancement of communication skills. Also, books are a great way to expand an outlook towards the world. However, selecting a book is a complex process. Students can choose from a range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction, sci-fi, adventure, etc. to choose from. Here is a list of must-read novels that you should read before completing your school:

  • The Kite Runner: This masterpiece by the author Khaled Hosseini is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Kite Runner possesses an excellent capability of changing the outlook of life for students. Also, the book is strong enough to enable an individual to rethink their attitude towards their loved ones. The kite runner revolves around the story on a life of Amir – the key character, based in Afghanistan. It’s a must read to experience the blend of emotions, love, hatred, betrayal and life.
  • Death of a Salesman: This novel is a treat for those possessing an interest in reading tragedy. This piece by Arthur Miller relates to a Loman family where Willy portrays a salesman. The novel revolves around the improper understanding of reality which leads to failure of Willy’s American Dream. Death of a Salesman was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and Tony award in the respective segments of drama and play.
  • Tuesdays with Morrie: There are certain books that lay a lifetime impression and give lasting lessons. Tuesdays with Morrie is one such novel that beautifully describes a relationship between the two generations wherein, their time spent together delivers the magical life lessons to the readers. The novel circulates around a man and his professor. Mitch Albom was the man behind the delivery of this inspiring piece.
  • Romeo and Juliet: Irrespective of the generations, William Shakespeare is the most preferred authors of all time. This masterpiece by Shakespeare is a roller-coaster of emotions where love, hatred, jealousy, violence and rivalry have been showcase incredibly in the novel. The students are aware of the novel as it has been delivered in various forms like – movies and television shows. Also, the novel is viewed as a piece of literature due to the use of difficult language.
  • In Cold Blood: Murder mysteries are often chosen by the teenagers. This piece of work by the author Truman Capote guarantees Goosebumps to the readers. Inspired by the real incident, this novel is about 4 dreadful murders from Clutter Family. This murder mystery is a must read as the author has delivered an excellent piece after conducting an in-depth research and followed police investigation for the case.
  • The Compound Effect: In a student’s life, what matters the most is success – either academic or personal. The compound effect is a gateway to the secret to achieving success in an effective manner. The book revolves around achieving the goals of life and highlights the attainment of success with an impressive approach. The novel has been excellently executed by Darren Hardy.
  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: This novel is an ultimate choice for the students who look forward to engaging themselves in an emotional journey. The author, Betty Smith, takes the reader on a journey of young and dynamic girl – Francie Nolan, who spends an influential time in slums of Williamsburg. The author has mastered the art of compassion, cruelty and laughter, through this brilliant piece.

The students must engage themselves in reading novels during their school years. This habit of reading, not only improves the vocabulary of students, but also, enhances their thinking ability. Few novels, listed above, are a perfect read to understand the importance of life and how essential is, a positive outlook towards a happy and successful life.

In the recent times, the schools have laid an imperative focus on making the significant novels available to the students. The top 10 schools of Sonipat maintain a considerable range of books and novels in their library, which in turn, provide a range of genres for a student to choose from.

Swarnprastha lays a huge focus on skills development of their students. The library in school is a blend of books which belong to different ranges. Such variety of books made available to the students embrace their reading habits and keep the interest constant with the escalation in the collection. Swarnprastha is one of the best schools in Sonipat, who motivate their students to read and monitor their performances.  Such a magnificent approach by the school has helped it mark its presence among the best schools in Sonipat City.

Reading must be imperative for students and most importantly, they must understand the advantages, this habit delivers. So, take a book out of the above list and start the journey from the day itself. Happy Reading…

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