Technically, the term pedagogy is the moniker given to the study of analyzing how skills and knowledge are imparted to students in the educational field. It also encapsulates the interactions and feedbacks that take place within a classroom between the teachers and the students. However, when pedagogy is used in association with a school, it roughly translates into the teaching methods followed by that institute, lessons that are delivered and the methodologies put into place. As evident, pedagogies of different schools are bound to vary as they are heavily dependent on the school’s core educational philosophies and just like any field with numerous options, even pedagogy has a specific approach that can be classified as the best.

The right kind of pedagogy will typically include the following teaching tactics. The best school in Sonepat will apply, implement and adopt these to their classrooms and abide by them every year. Obviously, students thrive in such an academic environment which shows on the school’s overall performance.

  1. Creating the need to know

Every class must start with a brief but deep discussion about the learning objective of the subject at hand. When students understand what purpose the topic will serve in their life going forward, the need to know the subject is immediately created. And if the instructions are placed right in front of that desire, the rate of knowledge consumption is naturally high. Thus, the starting point of the best pedagogy is always addressing the learning objective of the class. Creating the need to know escalates curiosity which, in turn, boosts attention.

  1. Individual and focussed learning

Right after the need for knowledge is created, the next challenge lies in presenting the information in a way that will be acceptable by the students of the classroom. And why is it a challenge? Simply because every student will have their own preferential way of learning and will seek to consume information in that particular method. The top 5 school in Sonepat smartly integrates the concept of individual and focussed learning in their pedagogy by analysing the students’ needs beforehand and designing their annual curriculum on those lines. Every year, the method will change depending on the requirements of the new batch.

  1. Mode of instruction

Just like every other aspect in this world, the mode in which education is imparted has also evolved. And the best pedagogy will have space to include all the modern methods. Varying the mode of instruction is also an excellent way to give out individual attention when a classroom teaches using different media, all needs are met at the end of the day. Visual lessons, application-based curriculum, and even peer-to-peer learning, all these are proven modes of instructions that help students to elevate their level of knowledge and learn better. This pedagogical parameter is again dynamic. It changes with the classroom’s needs.

  1. Meaningful two-way feedback

No loop can ever be completed without meaningful feedback. Education will remain incomplete unless students and teachers express their thoughts. Thus, in the right pedagogy, every class ends with a brief session with the teacher gathering information as to how much the students have consumed. Similarly, the school will also have a clear line of communication wherein students can initiate the feedback path and take their doubts to the teachers. The parents and the school’s management must also come in at some point in time to make the whole process better and meaningful and move towards constructive education.

  1. Motivation and help

External push, in other words. Students learn through mistakes. But a continuous series of mistakes can quickly become demotivating. This is where the top schools in Sonepat will always step in toprovide motivation and the required help to the students. Again, having this parameter included in the school’s pedagogy ensures that no student is left behind. Everyone is at par with their own set of strengths and there is no room for comparison based on unrealistic grounds. The institution will conduct remedial classes, provide counselling from time to time. Motivation and help will be part of the school’s regular curriculum.

A few minutes of logical analysis is enough to tell you that when the above attributes come together in a school’s pedagogy, that is where a student will really thrive. And Swarnprastha Public School is such an institute where all these are present in the right mix. SPS constantly adapts, modifies to provide only the best to their students and the results are truly visible in their performance year after year. Their students are performers here but not through academic pressure. The pedagogy is their secret to their success. So, enrol your child to such a group where education is never a burden but a fulfilling experience.


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