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The environment or the culture that a school maintains within its campus is a crucial factor that promotes learning. Renowned researcher Dr. Kent D. Peterson defined school culture as a set of norms, beliefs, values, ceremonies, and rituals that exist in a school that works in motivating both the students and the faculty of the institution. A positive culture inspires everyone towards self and mutual growth while a negative environment is derogatory for all. The best residential school in Sonepat will always strive towards maintaining a healthy culture and that is where a student can thrive.

So, what is the right culture in a school? How do you know what all are wrong? As parents, you are responsible to monitor your child’s academic development and weighing a school’s culture must be on your checklist. To evaluate the environment that exists in a school, look into the following few parameters and you will know whether your child is going to the right institute or not. Identify what’s right and what’s wrong and act as the situation demands.

Teachers motivate in a positive culture, while they blame in a negative one

In a healthy school culture, teachers work continuously to encourage students and do not blame them for their failures. It can be the overall marks in the board exams or an interschool sports event, all the faculty starting from the principal to the subject teachers continuously encourage their students. The institute conducts regular sessions, help students up their level of hard work and celebrate small achievements. All these culminate to form a positive culture that gives rise to mutual benefits.

A negative culture, on the other hand, will show on your child’s performance. He/she will not take failures easily and will not want to attend school citing the same reason. Even in the parents-teachers meet, you will find the faculty complaining about the students at the first go without trying to find out ways to encourage the students. The top schools in Sonepat will never give out such vibes and you will find their teachers always motivating.

The right culture brings along mutual respect, the wrong one involves politics

These results of the right and wrong school cultures will be visible both among the students and the faculty. Everyone will be involved in mutual growth in a healthy educational environment. No teacher will bring down the institution or the fellow teachers. Students will be helpful towards their peers and will never play politics to gain an upper hand. Every member of the faculty will contribute towards the school’s growth, will work hard to maintain the decorum and continuously strive towards developing their own personal teaching methods.

You will see teachers adopting new methods of teaching. You will find the institution adopting new technologies. No member will be stagnant and the growth mentality will set in. There will be activities that will instigate teamwork and both sides will participate equally. In short, the positive environment will be visible to you from outside you will know that the culture within the school campus is right.

A healthy culture helps in personality development, the unhealthy one kills confidence

Schooling is not only about what you learn, but how you learn as well. The right school culture will create the right academic environment and teachers will teach their students in the right way. In a negative culture, marks will always decide a student’s achievement, options of skill development will be very less and the process of learning will be like a checklist. If this is what a student is exposed too, he/she will become defensive about learning. It will harm the student personally and their growth will come to a halt.

The best day-boarding school in Sonepat will have the opposite impact. A student will focus on the knowledge absorbed which will automatically show in the results. Even the school as a whole will reflect the same where achievement is based upon education. There will be multiple co-curricular activities, teachers will help students to attend their fears and the institution will give everyone a chance to explore their creative side. Personality development is not only about excelling in academics and a school with a healthy academic culture will identify that.

So, make the right decision

And choose only that school which revolves around a positive culture. Swarnprastha is one such institute that has been maintaining high standards of education along with the right culture. Right from the administration to the faculty and down to its students, everyone strives towards holding their value, increasing the overall morals and creating an inspiring environment. School culture shapes a student’s career. It decides what skills he/she develops, how fast he/she develops it and how he/she is giving back to the society. Weigh your options and choose right. The right culture can help a student in some unimaginable ways.