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8 Things You Should Never Do Before an Exam

Preparing for an examination does not have to be as stressful as it sounds. The pressure to perform may be there but it is the way that students approach an exam that makes it so tedious rather than the test itself. Be it a class test or the school finals, there are a few things that you must not do before an examination, and following these flawed paths of preparation will only build up unnecessary stress. So, take note of these 8 mistakes that students tend to make before exams and try hard to avoid them. Convert the time you lose to stressing out into productivity hours.

  1. Leave everything for the last minute

The best school in Sonipat will always discourage this and groom its students accordingly. Most of the time you will know when your exam is and there’s simply no excuse of not planning ahead. Take some time to chalk out your entire syllabus and create a routine to fit the topics and subjects in it. If you have the bigger picture right in front of your eyes, chances are high that you will stick to the routine. As the exam arrives, you will see you are well prepared and do not have to rush things at the last moment.

  1. Aim higher than your potential

It is good to have high ambitions but if you go overboard, things will fall apart. You are the best judge of your potential and depending on your level of preparation, set a mindset of the result you want. If you want a perfect score but still have a lot to complete, you will only end up overworking yourself and end up achieving less. Set realistic goals instead and aim for something achievable.

  1. Extend your breaks

Your teachers will tell you that it is good to take occasional breaks in between your study time but you must keep to its limits. A five minutes break should not extend to watching television for thirty minutes followed by some internet browsing and dinner. You will lose the studying flow and getting back is often difficult. Develop the self-discipline to stick to your break timings and get back to your books right by the clock.

  1. Cover a new topic

The top schools in Sonipat will never touch a new topic right before the exam and you must take a cue from it. If you couldn’t fit a chapter in your preparation time, it is better to avoid it entirely than focusing your energy on it. New information right before the exam will only clog your brain further and you may go blank during the test. It is better that you invest the time in revising the chapters you have prepared again and avoid consuming something new.

  1. Give up food and sleep

Do not become so busy before your exam that you will give up the basic necessities. Both food and sleep are fuel for our bodies and students tend to cut on these to make extra time for preparation. A starving mind goes into panic easily and you will become prone to nervous breakdowns. Instead, eat healthily and sleep well during the times leading up to your exam and keep your natural systems running.

  1. Scroll your phone or play a game

These are not appropriate methods to rest your brain, especially during an upcoming exam. While you are preparing, your brain is already working a lot in consuming knowledge. When you scroll through social media or play a game, your mind is continuing to work when it should be resting. Take a walk instead or listen to music. Do things that do not involve analysis or reasoning by your brain.

  1. Stay in a clutter of books and notes

Casually chucking your notebook on the bed or not putting your book back on the shelf are huge mistakes that students make. These may come to you as time-saving techniques but living in a mess does not help your nerves. If you constantly see clutter around, it is a signal to your mind that there are more things to process. You will lose your focus, remain distracted and ultimately stress out. Keep things organised, no matter how close the exam is.

  1. Lastly, compete with others

You should never compare yourself with your peers, be it the method in which they are preparing or the amount of time they are putting in. Your way of studying is unique and your decisions should be based on your abilities. Competing makes you push your natural limits and you do not want that right before an exam. Do whatever you can, give you best. Exams are never a race.

The best school in Sonipat like Swarnprastha continuously coaches its students to keep exams stress-free. The teachers counsel them in class, the authorities conduct sessions. Approach an exam as a session to test your knowledge. Avoid these mistakes and you shall always have the best results.