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As modern parents, terms like academic skills, interpersonal skills, behavioral skills, and extra-curricular skills often float around your child and his/her schooling as you now understand the contribution of all those towards the overall development of the student. But amidst all these, there is one more skill that requires as much prominence as any other which only the best school in Sonepat includes in their curriculum. Digital skills, very different from digital literacy, are the need of the hour. Every child of the current generation is heading into a society where the technical requirements will be unlike what it is today. Digital skills will work to equip the children with application-prowess which will then be primary for professional survival.

Decoding digital skills

So, what exactly are digital skills? Consider the well-known video streaming application called YouTube. Digital literacy is where the student knows about its existence, functions, and benefits. On the contrary, when the same student has the digital skill to use YouTube, he/she will be capable of launching the application, creating a viewing account, searching for videos relevant to his/her interests, saving the good clips into a playlist, subscribing to helpful channels, and even uploading their own creations. To summarise, digital skills are all about application, knowing how to use technology for personal benefit and employing it in the right sense to aid educational and future professional development.

Why digital skills?

Continue with the example of YouTube. When your child is proficient in using the application, he/she can truly tap into the vast educational resources that are available on the platform. The student can watch a documentary on World War to help in his/her history lessons, learn a science concept with virtual models and animations, pursue a side-topic that might be a temporary interest, or self-learn a new language or practice what is being taught at school. Merely with digital literacy, or knowing that YouTube exists, all these are not possible. But when your child is capable of using the application in their own capacity, he/she can extend the skill and habit well into his/her future life. With that established, you will now agree that students with digital skills will be better able to survive the upcoming times. And the top school in Sonepat recognizes that as well.

Digital skills your child needs to learn at school

Now, learning YouTube is not rocket science for the tech-savvy children of the modern age. Chances are high that parents already expose their children to this application at home. Thus, schools need to focus on digital skills that the students do not easily come across in their daily life. Skills that are important for their future career and complement their school education.

A few digital skills that all students of the modern era need in their bags include:

  • Programming

The future is hinged on programming. Right from banking to advertising, every profession out there is exploring the options of automation and programming will form the core of it all. Students who are familiar to computer programming languages from a young age find it easier to level up on the complicated codes and can seamlessly hop from one type to another. Take any job of the future, candidates who are pro programmers will always be picked first.

  • Office

The corporate world runs on Microsoft Office. Reports are written in MS Word. Accounts and data are maintained on Excel. Even PowerPoint, Access and Outlook have their use and these lessons must come at the schooling stage. Without the basic foundation, students will soon feel lost both in their college and job and always stay behind when it comes to advancement. Schools need to develop expertise in Office in their students.

  • Data management

Experts term data as the most valuable currency. And its management is a skill that is high in demand. Until now, the first time a student came across data science and its management was either in college or directly at their jobs. But the situation is such now that the lessons surrounding it must begin in school. If not to the very depth, students must become familiar with various database management systems and learn at least a basic application. Here again, leveling up will become easy if the foundation exists.

So, is your child learning digital skills?

Only the best schools in Sonepat with a modern approach to education can identify with the necessity of digital skills. Swarnprastha Public School is such an institute who has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft to enhance digital skills among its students. the program includes lessons of Office, cloud systems, data science, IT and much more. Naturally, every session will effectively prepare the students for their future and augment their entire education. Prioritize digital skills along with the others. And choose schools who follow that same suit as well.


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