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Independent vs Group Study: Which is More Effective?

This is a topic of bother for all students, parents and teachers alike. Whether to decide to study in a group or alone? How to direct a student or your child? How much group time or alone time is enough? No one can place one method as the winner and question the effectivity of the other. Both has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. How much a student can take out of the study session is actually dependent on the student, and the decision of whether to study in a group or alone must be vested upon him/her.

But then again, a child may not always be in the right place to make the decision. This is where the teachers of the best school in Sonepat play a supervisory role if one method becomes distracting or frustrating. It is all about maintaining the right balance and guiding the student into a method of switching between the two, as and when necessary, to extract the maximum efficiency out of the study sessions. How to do that? Read on to find out.

The benefits of studying alone

  • Students can study in their preferred time. The sessions are not dependent on the timings of the group.
  • They will also have the independence to follow their own plan. In a group, the subject to study will be dependent on the majority’s decision.
  • Focus and concentration levels are generally higher while studying alone. Groups often tend to become distracting and talkative.
  • Research and knowledge depth are greater if a student is studying alone. If the student studies for an hour, his/her entire attention is focussed on the topic at hand rather than being distributed among the members of the group.

The advantages of studying in a group

  • Help is always at hand whenever necessary. If a student is stuck at a particular problem, he/she can easily approach a peer in the group to immediately clear it out.
  • Also, in a group, a student can take up the teacher’s role and explain a subject to the members present. Explaining a topic ingrains the concepts into the student’s mind and helps him/her to learn better.
  • While studying alone, the external motivation of a friend is generally absent. But in a group, one student can provide encouragement to another to strive harder and work better.
  • Group studying also helps in maintaining a strict schedule. There is no room for procrastination. The student will have to sit down to study whenever the group decides to accumulate.

Which one is more effective?

To reiterate what is already stated at the beginning, it actually depends on you, your student, or your child (depending on who you are). The top 5 school in Sonepat recognises the benefits of both and hence has the infrastructure to facilitate both forms of studying. The first step to extract maximum efficiency is to judge the nature of the student and then aligning solo or group study sessions to complement the student.

  • If a subject does not interest the student

Group study is the way to go here. Not all students like all subjects. For the least preferred ones, a student will require external motivation, and maybe a few explanations, which can only happen in a group.

  • If a student is becoming dependent

Teachers and parents must identify clear signs and drive such a student to solo studying. If a student is always dependent on friends to take notes or complete homework, group studying is not ideal for this child at all.

  • When exams are drawing nearer

An average student must devote maximum time to individual studying during these times as he/she will require a maximum focus on her studies and cannot afford to distribute it to a group. But a high scoring performer can indulge in group study. Explaining topics to others can be an excellent revision technique for this second student.

  • When the curriculum is relaxed

Think about the time when the exams have just ended and a new school session is starting. Such times are the best instances to indulge in a group studying. Students have more time to interact, socialise and explore ideas.

Pick whichever method you prefer

But make sure to keep your mind open to adapt to the changing situations and jump to the other if your selected method is not working. The top schools in Sonepat like the Swarnprastha Public School continuously work with their students to help them to take out the maximum benefit out of the two. Teachers devote individual attention to students to enable them to recognise their nature and indulge in that form of learning that will boost their academics. By maintaining the required balance, students can really benefit by studying solo and sometimes, involving in a group.


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