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How to Use the Power of Education Technology at Home?

Smart classes, Wi-Fi enabled school campus, digital access to books and use of media for lessons – all these are common points of discussions now in the education circle as the power of education technology is gradually gaining its deserved appreciation in modern schools. But the home angle also needs pondering upon as those same advantages that are available at schools can also be accessed by students in their homes. Technology is no longer limited to any particular institution. Gadgets are no longer beyond the affordable range. With proper supervision and allocation of resources, students can use education technology at home to improve their academic productivity and performance.

And that is exactly what the best CBSE schools in Sonepat encourages their parents to apply at home. When home education also becomes smart, it starts complementing the lessons of the school and the overall growth is way over the normal standards. Education technology is only becoming better by the day and its right use at home will provide depth to your child’s education.

Jot down the applications your child can use

The list will definitely vary depending on your child’s grade, strengths and weaknesses, the school’s curriculum and the teacher’s suggestions. Typically, you can give your child access to applications like:

  • Online planner where she can maintain her daily schedule
  • Search engines with parental lock for further research on her subjects
  • Video streaming apps with educational documentaries
  • eBook readers with preloaded documents

As evident, with proper supervision, all of the above can work together to help your child’s education. You can even expose her to online note-taking apps, reminders and stopwatches, food habit monitors and so on. It is primary for you to first make a list of such applications that can boost your child’s productivity and then find out whether to get her the free versions or paid. Discuss with your child’s teacher and settle on the perfect list.

Include a few skill development applications

Education is not only about learning the subjects mentioned in the curriculum and the top 5 school in Sonepat will tell you that. Skill development must also find space in your smart arrangement at home. As a parent, you may have to remove your apprehensions about a few online tools and selectively expose your child to a few applications.

  • Online gaming apps that focus on cognitive development
  • Podcasts and videos to improve your child’s listening and viewing skills
  • Word games that enhance vocabulary
  • Standard games that help in relaxation

Modern games do not waste your child’s time. Again, if monitored properly, they might not become a distraction to the student. Pick the best applications that can make learning playful and let your child have fun with it. Most online dictionaries show a word of the day. There are also apps for playing scrabble or sudoku. These are actually good for your growing child that fires all the right areas in her brain.

Guide her through the use of interactive platforms

Emails, social media, or even online communities, when used properly, offer a wealth of knowledge and educational resources. But a student will always need supervision to stay away from the menaces that come along. Monitor their interactive platform uses and limit the exposure only to the advantageous areas. Cut off those that serve no good purpose at all.

  • Direct your child to science journals or free courses rather than social media
  • Encourage her to join an online community that enhances her extra skill
  • Teach her to use chatting and video calling platforms for constructive discussions only
  • Show her the difference between a healthy use of technology and the distracting kind

For instance, if she is learning French at her school, engaging in an online community that discusses in that language will actually help her to improve her French skills. Similarly, you can assist her to substitute mindless scrolling of social media with reading a good article from a top online magazine website. These work as auxiliary aids to education. Even when they are not directly related to education technology, they do help students in their lessons.

Make your child’s home learning smart

As it is indeed unwise to keep your child’s home educational ambiance in the traditional era when her school has already embraced technology. The best school in Sonepat like the Swarnprastha Public School guides their parents to use the power of education technology at home as well as both can work in tandem to provide only the best for your child. A smart school and a smart home, that is how your child’s education will find the depth it needs in this modern world. Do your bit at home, as schools like SPS do in their classes, and then see your child thrive in the most unexpected of ways.


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