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The Importance of Having a Green Campus in Schools

What is global warming? Why must we prevent it? And how can we do that? As evident, the series of questions stated generates an awareness flow. It starts with information and ends with a plan of action. Such a connection among the “what”, “why”, and “how” can only be drawn with education and this should serve as the conclusive reason as to why modern schools must focus on building a green campus. With environmental education, the schools are merely stopping at the “what” and “why”. But when they actually implement sustainable tactics within their premises, that is where they the “how” address as well.

Consequently, the best school in Sonepat will be having an environment-friendly infrastructure to create complete awareness among its students. The institute’s green campus will serve as the source of inspiration to all to become responsible citizens of this solitary planet and utilize their skills and innovation to protect the existing environment.

Awareness becomes deep-rooted when it starts early

Young children learn readily. They are capable of picking up any information or ability without much resistance. It is easier to teach students about denouncing the use of plastics than adults as they are far more receptive and ready. Hence, the awareness about environmental concerns must start in schools, where students spend most of their time with the intent to learn. And when things start early with continued exposure, the lessons become deep-rooted and may turn into habits.

Plus, awareness is more effective when the preacher sets an example. Students will want to learn about sustainable development from schools that follow the tactics in their premises. Hence, if a school is trying to raise awareness about the burning of fossil fuels and their contribution to global warming while simultaneously showing how the institute is using solar power to further the cause, this batch will take the knowledge home and actually implement the strategies. Awareness cannot stop with mere information. With green campuses, the top schools in Sonepat convert the information into active action.

Having a working infrastructure helps to visualize the change

It is easier for human minds to work with short-term achievable goals. Plus, when students visualize a concept first-hand, they are more likely to implement it into their lives and spread the word among others. These are what a green campus brings about. Take the example of rainwater harvesting. Any school can teach its concepts from textbooks and animated videos. But a good school with sustainable development in mind will have the infrastructure to harvest rainwater in its premises and that can bring about the necessary exposure among its students.

The school can set a goal that the entire institution will save water next monsoon by using the water collected from rain. This is a short-term goal that is easily achievable and the students will feel accomplished having executed the same. Plus, implementing rainwater harvesting in real-life inspires the students to practice it at home and spread the knowledge as they now have an experience that the concept works. The green campus of a school not only saves the management financial resources but helps to improve the benchmark of the entire community. Is not that what schools are all about?

Green campuses bring about positive changes in the schools

Sustainable schools impact students’ lives positively on a daily basis as well. A green campus will look to ventilate their classrooms naturally by going for a high-ceiling construction and allowing more sunlight. Plus, classrooms will be well-lit with the proper use of technology that will directly improve the well-being of the students in schools. These will increase the overall health of students, reduce absenteeism due to the positive ambiance, and result in better engagement due to hands-on activity-oriented learning. In fact, studies have shown that students of sustainable schools with active green campuses have better knowledge retention capacity, environmental behaviors, community sense, and skills.

Thus, the top school in Sonepat will maintain a green campus to spread the required awareness and improve the quality of learning as well. Sustainable development is the need of the hour as the students will ultimately have to survive in an age where their knowledge and proactiveness will be their greatest assets. Swarnprastha Public School has an eco-friendly premise that was awarded as the top green campus by the Centre of Science and Environment in 2017. Right from using solar energy to waste management, SPS has the infrastructure for proper sustainable development. The school sets an example to its students, parents, and the community around and makes the children future leaders in protecting the environment. It is the current generation’s responsibility to spread awareness among the next and schools must stand at the forefront being institutions of education.


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