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Swarnprastha Public School – Powering Education with a Futuristic Blend

Never before have the demands of the society been this enormous where students are required not only to show proficiency in their core subjects but also bring along skills that will benefit the environment as a whole. Education experts have already started the thought-chain of transformation in the schooling system and application-based learning is increasingly gaining ground. Only schools that identify the modern trends and future requirements can be beneficial for your child and Swarnprastha Public School (SPS) is already in that list of being the best among all.

Since its inception in 2004, the approach of SPS has always been futuristic, quickly adapting to the changing needs and handing its students the necessary skills. From infrastructure to security, extra-curriculars to innovation, the institute has always remained ahead in creating the right academic mix. Currently, the authorities are unanimously focused to expand their educational vision and providing nothing but a supreme educational journey to both the children and their parents.

How SPS is planning its days ahead?

In near one and a half decades of operation, Swarnprastha Public School has already grown exponentially in both facilities and academic performance. The institute is now planning to convert its status to a day scholar cum boarding school where students can avail residential services based on their requirements. This news comes directly from the chairman of the school, Mr. Roshan Agarwal who confirmed that SPS is looking to meet all needs by providing day, weekly, as well as full-time hostel accommodations.

Swarnprastha stands at a mere distance of 40 kilometers from the main city of Delhi and in the educational hub of Sonepat which Mr. Agarwal believes is the institute’s “biggest advantage”. The campus is easily accessible through the new KMP expressway ensuring a traffic-free ply to the capital. “Students can study in a cleaner air, away from the main urban center and our expansion plans are revolving around the parent’s socio-economic conditions at its focus. We are striving to create an educational market that will provide students with the best and parents can peacefully delegate their children’s academic responsibility to us.”

Mr. Amit Saxena, Vice President of Education of the Sparsh Group, threw more light on SPS’s expansion plans. The school is adding a new academic and sports block to cater to more students than it currently does. The academic block will boast a modern construction similar to its other blocks where no two classrooms share the same wall. The ceilings will be adequately high to facilitate maximum air circulation and the corridors will allow enough sunlight to retain a healthy ambiance.

From the sports angle, SPS is planning to expand and include a Multi-Purpose Sports Complex that will enable students to participate in a variety of activities. The school already has world-class facilities for soccer, cricket, athletics, all-weather swimming, billiards, squash, basketball, tennis, aerobics, archery, shooting and so on. With an expanded complex, the institute is looking to include volleyball, taekwondo, golf, boxing, skating and much more along with building on the existing ones. The management is looking to make full use of its 20 acres expanse in setting up a complete academic institution.

The Educational Philosophies of Swarnprastha

The CBSE affiliated school has designed its curriculum to follow three principle educational philosophies to create a budding academic environment. While knowledge transfer remains the institute’s basic foundation, the focus is also laid on what and how things are being taught. The objective is to develop curiosity, innovation and imagination concurrently developing expertise in the respective academic subjects.

  1. The STEAM Principle

Swarnprastha included Arts (A) into the widely accepted STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) principle as it believes that focus on creativity leads to heightened performance results. Indeed, research has shown that students actively involved in painting, music or any other fine arts form has shown better academic outcomes than their non-creative counterparts. SPS is one of the few schools to adopt the STEAM philosophy and provides its students with the necessary tools to explore deeper.

  1. The DICE model

This helps the students of SPS to thrive in a Design, Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (DICE) environment within the school campus. The model is focused on encouraging students to think out of the box and innovate products/services to make lives better. The management has initiatives to attracts angel investors and VCs to help their students turn the ideas into reality.

  1. The LEGEND philosophy

21st-century skills are what makes up the LEGEND model – Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Global Exposure, Environment Sensitivity, Neutrality and Democracy. Along with academics, SPS prepares its students to be ready for the future and develop a substantial awareness. The school looks to tap into the full potential of every child and foster emotional intelligence to the highest of levels.

Swarnprastha Public school is home to NITI AAYOG’s Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) in Sonepat which exposes students to futuristic technologies and allows them to gain a hands-on experience. There is equipment for learning robotics, 3D printing, sensor technology, Internet of Things and other electronic technologies. Combined with the school’s state-of-the-art science labs, digital language lab, life skills lab and mathematics lab, SPS is currently one of the best schools in Sonepat in terms of pedagogy. The philosophies meet the current needs and the approach is highly application-oriented.

The institute helps students at every step

The school-student relationship at Swarnprastha Public School does not end with classroom lectures and setting assignments. The faculty and the management go beyond their extents to help students entirely in their educational phase. At Swarnprastha, there are provisions for:

  1. Smart Classes – to create the right mix of education and technology
  2. School Intervention Program – for students lagging behind in academics
  3. Remedial classes – for toppers with the hunger to learn more
  4. Scholarships – for regular performers to serve as encouragement
  5. International exposure – to enable students to learn from cultural diversity
  6. Counselling – to ensure every student’s mental well-being

The SHIKSHA fund of SPS is an innovative approach wherein the school rank holders are entitled to scholarship benefits deposited in the fund on top of the tuition fee waivers. The students are eligible to make their withdrawal on passing the 12th standard from SPS and use it for higher education. The school also provides added scholarships to 90% holders in class 12 board exams which helps students to fund their college education.

The institute houses full-time counsellors to help students in decision-making and deal with unwanted academic stress. Teachers take extra initiatives to ensure that no student is left behind and everyone receives education to their best of abilities. Last year, two students of SPS cleared the NTSE exams and the school regularly conducts Olympiads exams to ensure a premier level of preparation among all. A 1:15 teacher to student ratio allows better individual attention for every child and SPS has grown to be one of the top schools in Sonepat who follows a highly focused student-centric approach.

Spreading Social and Environmental Awareness among students

Education is only complete when a student is socially aware, takes care of the environment in which he/she lives in and interacts adequately with his/her surroundings. Swarnprastha facilitates this with a host of social and environmental initiatives to encourage students to actively participate in social causes and the institute stands as a solid example itself in its drive to protect the environment.

SPS maintains an energetic Interact Club that motivates students to contribute to serving the community. The school, through its pupils, organises plantation programs, blood donation camps, Clean India projects, books and stationary donation initiatives and so on. Swarnprastha has also launched the Live.Learn.Serve project where the school’s students contribute 30 hours per academic session to spread education among the children of the underprivileged society. Recently, SPS students have also sent over 30 cartons of relief materials to Kerala flood victims through the GOONJ program. Through all these, children learn to become humble and appreciate the joy of giving back to society.

Swarnprastha is the only school in Sonepat that recycles 99% of its waste. It does not allow incineration within the school campus and maintains strict rules about waste segregation. SPS has an active solar power facility installed, uses CFL lighting throughout the campus to minimise energy wastage and has installed a tank meant for rainwater harvesting with proper filtering techniques. All these have earned Swarnprastha Public School the topmost “Green School” award by Centre of Science and Environment in 2017. Such initiatives make students aware of the urgent necessity to save nature and how they can take measures in their personal lives as well.

Student Security remains SPS’s primary emphasis

For education comes to a halt when the ambiance is not secure. The school has taken every action in the books to ensure an ultimate level of security, both inside and outside the campus. There are over 150 CCTV cameras installed within the boundary and security personals are placed at every corner 24×7. The buildings are equipped with smoke detectors, fire alarms, automated sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Every equipment undergoes regular maintenance and the school precisely follows all security protocols.

Speaking about student safety, Mr. Saxena pointed out that the locals and the parents rate SPS as one of the most secure schools in Sonepat. “The institute is extra careful about girl student’s safety and the management conducts a thorough background check on all its staff prior to recruitment.” The school buses are installed with GPS and cameras and every movement is tracked live. The faculty also conducts awareness sessions for the students to make them alert about imminent cases of cybercrime, abuse and other issues that continue to be a threat to children. The school’s security committee is easily reachable by students and the counsellors maintain a regular surveillance to ensure that no issue goes undetected.

Awards and Achievements of Swarnprastha

Apart from winning the famed “Green School” award by CSE among a list of 54 schools, Swarnprastha Public School has also bagged the ISA award in 2017-2020 owing to its relentless educational initiatives. In 2018, SPS entered a MoU with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award that provides its students the platform to sharpen their international skills and work towards premier levels of personal development. This achievement of the school enables its pupils to get the right kind of international exposure and helps them to fit into this world of shrinking boundaries better.

Swarnprastha is also undertaking various collaborative and future developmental projects with other institutes like SRM, DCRUST, Ashoka World School of Design and OP Jindal. The management believes that these understandings will provide industrial exposure to students and allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge in the actual environment. The ATL initiative permits other schools of the program to visit the SPS campus that enriches the students’ outreach and ensures broader perspectives.

The school is actively encouraging its students to research and develop futuristic projects like drone construction and communication. Through the understanding of adaptive learning and artificial intelligence, the bright minds of SPS are already studying technologies like disaster management, checking soil humidity levels, better irrigation management and so on. The 3D printer that SPS houses provide greater insights into new age tools and parts that are aggressively being used in various industries. Every spec that boosts knowledge and curiosity among the students is an achievement of Swarnprastha and the institute is not likely to stop at its present successes.

Tour the Campus, talk to the Principal, then take Admission

Unlike many, SPS holds transparency with parents very highly. In view of this, the authorities have made the admission process impeccably smooth right from the inquiry stage to the orientation process. After registering with the school’s office, the campus is made open to you to take a guided tour and inspect the environment in person. You are also given a personal session with the school’s principal to inquire about the opportunities and facilities that your children will be exposed to. Only after your satisfaction comes the form submission stage when the school welcomes you to the SPS family.

The institute is all set to change the educational landscape of Sonepat. With its expansion plans and innovative approaches, SPS is sure to leave a prominent mark in your child’s lives. Your search for the best school in Sonepat may very well end with Swarnprastha Public School as the institute has all the academic aspects covered, concurrently inculcating futuristic skills into its students.


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