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How Expressive Feedback from Teachers can Help Students Grow?

Children cannot learn their lessons on their own. They need adult supervision to understand the right path and rectify their mistakes in the right way. This is where expressive feedback from teachers at school becomes so important for students. Only by communicating their concerns can the teachers expect any improvement in their students and education can move forward after that. If the students are left without feedback, it will give rise to a state of utter confusion where the teachers expect one thing and the students perform another. The best school in Sonepat will implement every possible technique to allow space for expressive feedback and more often than not, it will flow in both directions.

Negative feedback without any explanation does not help

Imagine a situation where a student performed poorly in an examination. Now, the only feedback she receives from her teacher goes like, “Expect better from you” or “You need to work harder”. There is a possibility that this feedback will sit well with the student and she will start giving her best but such a response from the teacher is like showing her the destination without giving her a compass. Expressive feedback dictates that the teacher sits down with the student and explains to her where exactly she went wrong. Maybe her answers lacked depth or she did not take the subject seriously. Once the teacher elaborates, the student has something to work with and the benefits are far better than a single line written on the sheet. Proper expression speeds up development or else the student is simply left on her own.

Positive feedback without explanations can be disruptive

Consider the opposite scenario to the above situation now. Imagines here that the student has scored well and the teacher expresses her contentment by writing, “Keep up the good work” or “Highly impressive” in the answer sheet. It may seem that expressive feedback is truly not needed here and the student already knows how to perform. But continuous positive response without corrective feedback can stop this student dead in the tracks on route to development. When she knows that she is doing a great job, she will have no reason to work harder. Hence, along with positive feedback, the teacher must also show corrective actions that can still be taken by the student or a new avenue that the student can venture out to. The motive of the top CBSE schools in Sonepat is to develop students continuously, not stagnate it in a place.

The expression must come in all forms

Another angle to expressive feedback that the teachers must keep in mind in order to help students properly is the form in which it is presented. The most common way to show students where they are right or wrong is by writing it directly on the answer sheets. But this may not always be the right way as too many comments from the teacher may become demotivating for the child. Hence, the other forms must also come into the mix where the teacher can have a one-to-one session with the student concerned, discuss the issue in the parent-teachers meeting or announce the achievement in an assembly involving the whole school. In the right blend, students will remember the expression they received and consciously work upon it. They may also reach out to the teachers individually and strive towards development.

Feedback must be curated as per the student’s personal needs

Amidst all these, the vital point about expressive feedback that should form its core is that the teachers must design it after understanding the student’s needs. An elaborate negative feedback to an already demotivated student will do no good to her current self-esteem. On the same lines, positive expressive feedback to a performing student may make her highly arrogant. Teachers must employ their objectivity while handing out feedback and judge for themselves the quantity required. Based on the personal requirements of the students, the feedback must work to develop the students in the right direction rather than having a crumbling effect. A few words from the teacher can mean a lot to a student. Thus, it makes sense that teachers exercise caution while handing them out.

Is your child’s feedback expressive?

Vague statements are like no feedback. It does not have any effect. So, the best schools in Sonepat will always maintain a clear line of communication open among their students, teachers, and parents so that every feedback is expressive in nature. Swarnprastha Public School falls in that list of schools where the teachers work closely with the students to aid their development. The space for a constructive dialogue always exists with the campus of SPS. Make sure your child is studying in such an environment for they are wired to act upon healthy feedback.


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