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The quality of teachers that your children have in school will ultimately decide the depth of education that the students receive in their institution. It all comes down to the knowledge handover from the teachers to the students and you, as parents, have every right to test a school’s faculty quality. What your children learn, how they learn it, and the guidance they are receiving, will shape their careers and ultimately their lives. Teachers share equal responsibilities towards the students as the parents and the faculty should never be anything less than the very best.

So, how do you evaluate a teacher’s performance without taking the class yourself? Often, the teacher’s degrees or experience are not sensible determining factors and you need to look into something more than just the papers. In order to test the faculty quality that your children are under, consider trying the following approaches:

Ask your child for an opinion

This is valid when your child is already studying in school. The student is the direct recipient of a teacher’s work and he/she is often the best judge. Take his/her opinion on the teacher’s methods of teaching a subject, how clear is the topic to him/her, or how much attention does the teacher gives to each student. Tactfully, ask these same series of questions to all the teachers that your child has and you will develop a fair idea about the faculty strength of the entire school. You can also discuss your findings with other parents to compare notes and get separate perspectives.

Take your concerns to the teachers

It can be issues like your child falling behind on grades or not understanding a subject in class, you can judge the quality of a teacher by requesting solutions to your concerns directly from the person. The best schools in Sonepat have regular parent-teacher meetings for this very reason and you can make full use of the time. A good teacher will have fewer complaints and more solutions. He/she will be willing to help your child rather than dump the responsibility on you. Every faculty in the team will have the same behavior and you will readily have your answers.

Look into the type of homework the teacher is setting

Whether it’s a series of questions from the workbook or more project-based? Whether your child is overwhelmed by the amount of work set or finds homework interesting? Answers to these will give you an impression about the way the faculty functions and also about the school as a whole. The best teachers in the top 5 school in Sonepat maintains the perfect balance among all. Although project-based work may seem more interesting, it does not mean that workbooks have to be eradicated. The same goes for being overwhelmed as a bit of pressure at times can bring out the best in a student. There’s no perfect way, it has to be a balance among all and the best teachers will know it.

Evaluate the grading system the teachers use

The best teachers use a combination of leniency and strictness. They also acknowledge the unique abilities of every student in the class and come up with a grading system accordingly. Some students may score well in written exams, some may be comfortable when the test is oral. Again, some may not score well in both forms which are when the teachers come in to guide those students to reach their potential. Look into the system that the teachers in your child’s school are following and voice your concerns to the faculty. The best will listen to you, modify their approach even before you say it, and bring out the best in your child.

See how encouraging the teachers are

The best faculty will push students to break their self-imposed boundaries and encourage them to move ahead. A child may be repulsive to sports in fear of being lost and the perfect teacher will devote time behind him/her to reach the student’s comfort level. The teachers will change their approach willingly, inspire students to achieve the best, and introduce them to new areas providing guidance throughout. Find out from your child how the teachers are helping them. You will find that a good teacher will mostly have motivating words for your child when you are doubting the approach yourself. A great teacher always inspires.

Act on these lines

And you can easily test the faculty strength of a school. The best CBSE schools in Sonepat like the Swarnprastha Public School does half your work for you where the management recruits only the best of teachers with the relevant degrees and substantial experience. Every faculty in this institute follows a student-centric approach and imparts education with a dynamic mindset. As parents, you must be at peace knowing that your children are in good hands and the best school with the best teachers always meets your expectations.