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As an institutional head, the principal naturally has a lot of managerial and administrative responsibilities. When vested upon a single person, all the duties may soon become overwhelming as you add human resource management, representing the school in some district event, conflict management, class scheduling, teacher mentoring and guidance and so on. This is where a vice-principal can act as a backup. By sharing a few responsibilities with the principal, the vice-principal can act to ensure the smooth day-to-day functioning of the school while the principal can focus on the larger goals. The team of this duo almost always ensures healthy school management and thus, without question, the chair of vice-principal is naturally important.

This post list the 7 vital roles that the vice-principal of a school plays in the institution’s daily management. As will be obvious by the end of this post, most good schools in Sonepat will always have the post of vice-principal to ensure a smooth flow.

  1. Scheduling the school’s curriculum

The vice-principal with assistance from a few senior teachers generally takes care of the school’s scheduling. This involves deciding the optimum class size, slotting the subjects into regular periods, ensuring proper sequence of subjects, planning the timing of the exams, and more. Even scheduling cultural events and parent-teacher meetings come under the profile of vice-principal who plans the entire year before the session begins.

  1. Resolving conflict among teachers and students

Rarely does the principal gets involved when a teacher reports misbehavior on part of any student or if the student has any feedback regarding the teacher. The vice-principal possesses enough experience to resolve such conflicts and ensure that normalcy is restored within the school’s premises in no time. The vice-principal can involve the parents as well. Should the need arise, he/she has the power to call and supervise a meeting.

  1. Evaluating and mentoring teachers

The best school in Sonepat will acknowledge that the teaching methodology of their faculty will always require regular sharpening. And the onus must fall upon their leader to evaluate, guide and mentor them towards becoming a better teacher. The administrative responsibilities keep the principal busy but the vice-principal is always the perfect substitute to conduct this daily mentorship role. He/she effectively manages the entire faculty team.

  1. Record keeping duties

This comes under human resource duties. Overseeing the attendance system, maintaining the teacher records, tracking various logs, and much more. On a simplistic ground, should any teacher request for a leave due to some reason, it is the vice-principal who allocates a substitute teacher or recruits a guest one. He/she is also responsible is supervising the duty records of the faculty and the staff and manage them accordingly.

  1. Communicating with parents

While interacting with the parents, the vice-principal often becomes the ambassador of the school’s management to keep a clear line of communication open between the institution and the students’ guardians. Teachers may often speak from the academic side. But it is the vice-principal who can present the missions and visions of the school, explain their future plans, elaborate on development approaches, and so on.

  1. Conducting special assemblies

The top school in Sonepat will generally have special assemblies to mark an important event or celebrate a cross-cultural festival. More often than not, the vice-principal bears the responsibility of conducting and leading such assemblies and acts to spread the intended message among the students. Being a leader of the school, he/she automatically attracts the required attention. The vice-principal becomes the central figure bearing the school’s name in such assemblies.

  1. Filling up for the principal

At the end of the day, the principal is, after all, a human being. From having too much on the plate to taking sick leaves, the school’s head is entitled to his/her fair share of absence. During such instances, the vice-principal fills up the role by either representing the school on behalf of the principal or acting as the temporary institutional head for the time being. The profile of the school’s principal cannot see a void at any moment. This is where the principal and his/her deputy can interchange responsibilities.

Owing to these crucial roles that the vice-principal can take up, Swarnprastha Public School maintains the chair at all times. Both the principal and vice-principal of SPS work as a single team to ensure a congenial academic environment for all the students, teachers, and parents alike and the effect of their flawless management is reflected in the school’s performance. Such a diverse management system has its benefits. When the responsibilities of leadership are shared among able people, that institution is bound to move forward by taking large strides.



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