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School life is supposed to be simple, fun and easy-going. But this very misconception often leads to parents overlooking their child’s mental health and not identify that the student is indeed under a lot of stress. Excelling in the upcoming exam or completing a host of assignments can create stressful environments and a massive number of students do suffer from it. Experts say that fear and the pressure of performing are among the main reasons of stress among students and can lead to negative instances if left unattended.

Although the problems may seem mediocre to the surrounding adults, a student’s stress is as real as any human out there. In today’s competitive world where the pressure to excel in every sphere mounts on a student; stress and anxiety start setting its roots deep. A better grade, the top college, and even a remark from a parent can throw a child into a lot of stress. Under such conditions, a student fails to perform according to his/her full potential which adds on to the existing stress.

To deal with such situations, this post lists down 5 tips on how students can manage stress during their school life. Take note and practice the following:

  1. When things are becoming overwhelming, take a break

Stressing about meeting a deadline does not help the cause. If you have 5 assignments to complete within the next couple of hours and have to study for a test as well, stress will only pull you down. Under such situations, take a short break of 15 minutes to calm your mind down. Do something you like and then come back to your task again.

The break you take will snap the chain reaction of stress. With a calmer mind, you can finish your assignments faster and still have enough time left to study for the test. Things will become easier and your focus will return.

  1. Invest in yourself and take care of your health

Teachers and experts from all the top 5 schools in Sonipat agree to this fact. Students are either busy with their academic life or are in the race to get their extra-curricular sorted. Whatever free time they get is mostly spent on electronics. In such a hectic schedule, their diet also takes a hit and their overall health fails. These have adverse effects on their stress levels as well.

Get your proper sleep. An unrested brain easily goes into the panic mode and everything seems out of hand. Set time out to go out to play or engage in real-world activities. Also, take care of the food you are having and try to eat healthy. A simple glass of water helps much more in reducing stress than synthetic canned juices.

  1. Declutter your workspace and keep things organised

Clutter causes anxiety which in turn leads to stress. The fact is scientifically proven and has been pointed out as one of the primary reasons for causing stress. It’s more difficult to locate things in a cluttered room which builds that added anxiety. Plus, if you look at things that are strewn about randomly, your mind receives chaotic signals.

Clean up your room weekly and sort your workspace daily. An organised environment has a calming effect on your mind and it helps you to get through your work easier. Throw away the papers you don’t need and put the important ones in files. Keep your books in the cabinet and only take them out when you need them.

  1. Break down the entire task into manageable bits

Sometimes looking at the big picture can be really stressful. If you take all the assignments that you have to do, along with the music practice mixed with the school hours, things will fall out of hand. The best way to deal with such situations is to break down your entire task.

Take one assignment at a time and start with the shortest first. Completing one gives you a sense of achievement which motivates you to start the next. This process increases productivity and definitely keeps stress at bay.

  1. Avoid leaving everything for the last moment

Top CBSE schools in Sonipat like Swarnprastha encourage this habit among their students. If you leave everything for tomorrow, stress is bound to set in. Instead, try finishing well before the assigned deadline and things will never go out of order.

One way to ensure this is to create a to-do list. Note down every task you have and get them out of the way as fast as you can. Plus, you are more likely to finish a task if you see them in front of your eyes than recalling them from your memory. This simple habit can give astonishing results, and you will never miss out on any important things to do.

A bit of stress is evident but the key to coping with it is to reduce it and not let it grow out of proportion. A few simple steps and a different mindset can go a long way to help a student in stress. Sort out your habits and live a stress-free school life.

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