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When it comes to the student-teacher relationship, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. For instance, students are expected to behave in a certain manner and respect the teachers. Similarly, to increase productivity in students, teachers have to fulfill some of their expectations as well. The pedagogical approach of the schools in Sonepatmust be able to yield the best out of a pupil. Schools are the places where the behavior of a child is formulated in his or her initial days.

A huge impact of teachers falls upon them because they are vested with the responsibility of guiding them. There should be a mutual understanding between students and teachers that will help to maintain a healthy relationship. This is how their requirements are met and the learning procedure gets fulfilled. It is the job of the mentor to inspire their students and encourage them to do well.

Here are the 5 main requirements that the students expect their mentors to fulfill:

  • Get encouragement and inspiration– It is important for a student to feel inspired by their teachers. For them, the validation of their mentors is extremely important. A positive approach will enhance their interest in the lesson. There are several students in a class and not all of them will excel in studies. They expect the teachers to treat them with love and care and address their failures with a positive outlook. The aim of the best school in Sonepat is to prevent students from getting discouraged and being scared of their failures.
  • Understand their perspective– It is obvious that with all the generation gap, the philosophy of life for students and that of teachers will be quite different. However, they have an expectation that mentors to understand their perspective as well. At that age, all they want is some appreciation to get going. It has quite a positive impact on their academics as well. It does not mean agreeing to everything but providing alternative insights by not disregarding their opinion completely.
  • Treating everyone equally– While there are many students in the class, everyone expects to be treated equally. Creating a biased opinion about a particular student and treating him/her less than the others may have a serious impact on the child. It can shake their confidence and induce negativity about the class. No one expects special treatment from the teachers but it is a necessity to be treated equally. That also gives them a sense of inclusion which is important for every student.
  • Mutual respect and trust– Treating any student with disrespect will not only create a negative impression on their minds but also undermine their confidence level. The job of a teacher is to uplift the students so that their productivity is increased. Students also expect to be treated with value and respect so that they can develop a sense of trust towards their mentors. If students understand that their mentors have faith in them, they would try their best not to disappoint them. Not only this, but it will also ensure healthy communication and the students will be non-hesitant to talk about their problems to their teachers. It is very important for the mentors to give them the benefit of doubt in these formative years for a positive outcome.
  • Be helpful and jolly– An all-time serious classroom environment is not preferred by students. They also expect some fun activities at times. Where it is important for a teacher to be strict and serious, at times a little humor does not hurt. It not only lightens up the classroom ambience but also helps to create an interactive learning community successfully. It can keep the child engaged for a long time by breaking the monotony. Not only this, the students look forward to attending the class of that particular teacher because of the positive atmosphere. In addition to this, the teacher must also have a helpful attitude towards the students. Clearing their doubts and communicating with them about their problems is very important in the process of learning.

These expectations are quite essential for the teachers to fulfill if they want to establish a positive reputation in the minds of students. Not only this, but it will also help to make learning more interesting and productive.

Swarnprastha is among the top 5 schools in Sonepat and provides the students with modern and best education facilities. The professional mentors reflect perfection in their job and aim to guide the students in every possible way. The curriculum is designed specially to yield productivity.


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