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Disengagement from school education is a common phenomenon. And it becomes more profound when students advance through their grades and reach the secondary stages. However, unfortunately, proactive steps to help such students are only taken when the students are to sit for their boards the next year where both parents and teachers buckle up as the board results matter. But, by then, it is already too late to help the students and even if they improve, the percentage is not much. The panipat cbse school list, thus, begin helping their struggling students from the very beginning. Disengaged students show clear signs of a struggle and they need continuous assistance through the advancing grades, not only at the end.

Delayed help places the students and education on different tracks

A variety of reasons can lead to a student’s struggle with education. Maybe the student is suffering from a learning deficiency. Maybe he/she simply finds the class boring. Maybe he/she is preoccupied with something going on at home. Or, maybe he/she is yet to settle in the school. The number of possibilities is endless and each student exhibits a unique problem that can lead to the ultimate struggle. Take any of these issues and allow it to spread itself deeper into the child without help. Will not the struggle grow in intensity and magnify disengagement?

Once this happens, education loses track. The student with the learning disability will remain confused as to why he/she takes more time to spell words than his/her peers. Unaddressed problems at home will make the student stressed and anxious and education can seep into his/her mind’s memory centre. By the time the student reaches his/her final years in school, there will hardly be any educational foundation. And he/she will step into society as an unskilled candidate. Sadly, amidst all these, the blame will be placed on the student – that he/she did not pay enough attention in school.

Lack of assistance also leads to misdiagnosis

Attention deficiency is currently considered as an epidemic among school students all over the world. Surveys of teachers have shown that most instructors often find their students lacking attention and focus as children are becoming increasingly distracted. The result – these students are being diagnosed with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and sent to counselling for this particular learning disability.

But students who find their classes monotonous will show the same disengagement as a student with ADHD. The same is applicable for the child who is suffering from a home problem or feeling uncomfortable in the school’s new ambiance. Assistance for ADHD is not going to help this latter group. Unless the root of the attention deficit is explored, terming the condition as ADHD is simply misdiagnosis. The best play school in sonipat steps in with counselling during the first signs of struggles. With close collaboration with teachers and parents, the student’s reasons for disengagement are explored early rather than giving into ADHD.

Students become resistant to help as they grow up                 

Think about the student who is struggling to spell from his/her nursery classes till middle school. This child’s self-confidence will be shattered due to the years of struggle without any results. Similarly, the student who found education boring will occupy himself/herself with other activities that are temporarily exciting and will become distant from textbooks and learning. With advancing age, unresolved problems only become complicated. And if help arrives at the last moment, the work becomes that much herculean.

Hence, it is not difficult to find a student who is disengaged from studies just before the board exams even when he/she knows the consequences just like a performing student. It is also not difficult to find a student where the motivation level is zero to go to school and acquire education during the secondary years. These resistances overflow to college and later to jobs and the student’s struggle continues over his/her entire life. There is no alternative for a list of best school in Panipat to detect struggles early and offer help as the effects impact the students’ lifelong careers.

The counselling department and remedial classes of Swarnprastha Public School exist for this very reason. SPS experts detect learning struggles early and diagnose by involving the parents so that the right cause is determined and there is no room for errors. Students of Swarnprastha, a Boarding school in India receive personalised assistance to recover from their underlying distractions and walk through a continuous process of psychoanalysis and one-to-one remedial lessons. Intervention happens at all grades so that students of all batches receive the help they deserve at the right time.Education has been modernised. We now know more about the learning process than any other era. Modern schools need to employ the known philosophies and take education to the students, not the other way around.

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