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Parent-Teacher’s meeting at the best school in Sonipat is never about listening to the teacher complaining about your child’s behaviour. Nor is it a place where you should be visiting as a checklist or as a responsibility towards your child. Such meetings hold substantial potential for your child’s improvement, both academic and personal, and it is the school’s and the parent’s duty to make it student-centric. This is where the teachers and the parents exchange notes about the child and his/her conduct to help him/her to better his/her results and performances and doctor the academic approach accordingly, both in school and at home.

The value parent-teachers meetings hold:

Students spend most of their time either at school or at home. Teachers monitor their behaviour at school and parents play the same role at home. It naturally makes sense for these two parties to meet periodically to discuss the student’s advancement, where the respective guardians are missing out and how can they improve their technique of teaching to help the children. Teachers of schools can give you an insight into the academic behaviour of the students and how they conduct themselves in the presence of their peers. As parents, on the other hand, you can help the teachers to understand how the children spend their time alone, the best way they learn a subject or other similar habit.

Knowing about the students’ personal life will help teachers to understand their psychology better and modify the teaching methods based on individual needs. Similarly, knowing about the children’s social behaviour will enable you to coach them accordingly. Just as teachers of the top school in Sonipat prepare for the parent-teachers meetings, you must also take time to get your notes ready before the day. A healthy conversation between you and the teacher will go a long way to boost your child’s academic performance and help him/her tackle school better.

How should you prepare for parent-teachers meetings?

You must start preparing for the meeting at least a week before the scheduled date. The process should include:

  • Asking your child for feedback about school, his/her subjects and recess
  • Enquiring about his/her relationship with teachers and friends
  • Finding out where your child is underperforming
  • Jotting down questions that you may have for the teachers
  • Planning out strategies that you would like to suggest to the teachers
  • Comparing your notes from previous meetings to keep track of improvement

The student is the main link between you and the teachers and his/her feedback or opinion is primary. You must take into consideration everything that you think will help your child and bring it up in the parent-teachers meeting. It can be as simple as how your child spends his/her recess to how difficult he/she finds a particular subject. After questioning your child, you must raise your concerns with the teacher and together figure out ways to help the student. A teacher will do something similar at their end so that the outcome of the meeting is positive.

Your discussions in the meeting:

Most meetings end with parents voicing their concerns about a student’s failing marks and teachers laying out ways to improve. But the best schools in Sonipat will include a lot more in these meetings you can easily identify a healthy conversation between the school management, the faculty and the parents. The discussions will include talks about the steps the school has taken or about to take to help their students, how both the parents and teachers should encourage children to build a life outside of academics and a proper question-answer session to voice out opinions of both sides and look towards improvements.

Some parent-teachers meetings may include just one teacher representing the whole school. In such cases as well, your discussions should never be limited to merely academics. You can talk about what sports should your child take up, what other skills the teacher has seen in your child or is he/she at all interested in studying science. This will help you to make better decisions for your child’s future and help the teachers, in turn, to teach better. The best parent-teachers meeting must add value to your child and should never end as an annual formality.

So, make full use of these meetings

To help and know your child better. Institutes like Swarnprastha always give massive importance to their parent-teachers meetings and goes a long way to make sure that it provides the value that every student deserves. The teachers work in sync with the parents through these meetings to aid in a child’s advancement across all spheres and they maintain such healthy communications throughout the academic year. Make sure you give equal importance to parent-teachers meetings as the schools do and take care to attend every single one. It is only through mutual collaboration between you and the school can your child reach his/her full potential.

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