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Written communication is as important as verbal communication and students should focus on improving both equally. While verbal skills develop faster as there are many natural agents to feed the cause, written skills take a bit more hard work. The best school in Sonipat will always go the extra length to help their students to pen down their thoughts, you must be able to identify such opportunities and constantly work behind it. Your curriculum will definitely include tasks of essay and letter writing, but your focus must go beyond the mere thought of obtaining marks. Most of your communication will happen via a written medium in your life and you should work on improving your written skills.

How to do it? Read on.

Read thoroughly and understand a piece of text

The more you read, the better will be your writing skills. As and when you read, you learn to form sentences in your mind and understand which words go where. Even the grammar that you learn as a part of your curriculum, you can see their application while reading. Your vocabulary can improve, you can retain words that you already know or revise the spellings of different words that seem confusing to you. In short, the more you read, the better you cover every aspect of improving your writing skills.

  • How do schools help?

The top 5 school in Sonipat will always present their students with opportunities to read more. It can be as simple as asking individual students to read out a lesson from their textbooks or provide them with a rich library with a variety of books. Such schools also stress on comprehension reading that comes as a part of the CBSE syllabus. Through this, students learn to retain information by reading, summarising the whole theme and answering questions that follow the comprehension text. All these combined provides students with ample chances to read more and, in turn, work on their written communication.

Practice always makes it perfect

It goes without saying that investing more time in writing essays and letters will help you to improve on them. Avoiding putting your writing skills directly at the examination hall but take up every opportunity to write something down. You can recall a lesson and write down notes later or volunteer to frame an email that your parents have to send. You can also send written letters to your family members occasionally to test your skills from time to time. Use new words that you learned in your piece, apply grammar check tools available online – anything to help you to write faster and better.

  • What do schools do?

The first and the most common things that schools do is to set written assignments to students where they are to put down their knowledge by recalling from memory. The teachers also devote full class hours for students to frame a variety of essays then and there from different genres. Students are also encouraged to write actual letters to the government authorities or to the newspapers that enable them not only to be in touch with the reality but also get practice in formal letter writing. The best CBSE schools in Sonipat will combine every form.

Devise your own method to write a great piece

Good writers have their own strategies to write a content. Some prefer jotting down vital pieces of information before starting while others create a rough draft of the essay at hand. Some students also take short breaks between paragraphs to frame the next one while others start immediately without any research. Find a way that is suitable to you and apply the same strategy while writing your piece, be it in the exam hall or during casual practice. Having your own method to tackle an article will always help you to frame any sort of written piece.

  • How can schools help?

The faculty can help you to get started. Initially, you may not know what works best for you and your teachers can introduce you to all the possible methods. Then it is up to you to find which one works for you based on trial and testing. Schools can also boost your creativity by giving you more time to frame an essay or story than you generally have during an exam and help you to get accustomed to your strategy. The best institute will always work to boost your creativity and enable you to reach your ultimate potential.

Work, hard and smart

And improve your writing skills as much as possible before you enter the real world. Schools like Swarnprastha will give you all the opportunities that you will ever need to work on your written communication. Be it a rich library or writing competitions, such schools will have it all. The student phase of your life is the best time to sharpen your skills, so use it wisely to develop one of the most important ones.

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