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How Can You Help Your Child Living in a Boarding School?

Boarding school is a highly liberating experience. Along with receiving education, students also mature and become independent, and learn to live away from their parental care. While the good points are undeniable, there are often downsides that manifest themselves in both the students’ and parents’ minds and that is when boarding schools tend to become difficult. In such situations, students need help to look at the bigger picture. They need counseling and constant guidance.

The top Boarding School in India will always step in when the going gets difficult but you, as parents, also hold a certain level of responsibility. When your child comes to you for help to cope with their life at boarding schools, you must play the following roles:

  1. Talk positively about boarding school

Avoid giving in to your child’s pleading to come back home. Initially, homesickness is a natural emotion. Try to show your child all the positive sides of living in boarding school and how his/her education can thrive there. Talk about your own experience, how you made better friends, and in what ways life become exciting down the lane. Listen to your child and provide support. Independence always comes after your child detaches himself/herself from the usual norm of your care. It is a difficult process that the student has to undertake at some point in his/her life.

  1. Motivate your child to take part in activities

There is always an abundance of extra-curricular activities in boarding schools. Ranging from sports to fine arts, the schools have a varied number of options for all their students. At every step, encourage your child to take part in a few along with his/her education and actively pursue it for a considerable span of time. The student will pick up the skills associated with that activity, and his/her mind will also stay engaged. When your child indulges in constructive tasks, the negative emotions associated with boarding schools tend to evaporate. Life becomes fun and naturally is easygoing.

  1. Stay connected with your child

The connection your child has with you cannot snap in an instant. It must be a process where your child must learn independence gradually. And even when he/she has spent a considerable amount of time in a boarding school, you must always stay in touch with your child and his/her life at school. The best boarding school in India will thus maintain a clear line of communication between you and your child through all the media available, and you must make it a point to spend some time with your child when he/she comes back home. Inquire about your child’s interests, friends and teachers, passions and hobbies, and much more.

  1. Maintain boarding-like routine at home

If the daily routine that your child is under gets snapped even for a few days, coming back to the school and settling in can create homesickness again. You are definitely entitled to pamper your child a bit when he/she returns home but you should keep in check the pampering amount. As much as possible, maintain the boarding school routine at home as well. Ask your child to get up in the morning at school timings, sit down with his/her assignments as per the school timings, and even take on all the personal activities that he/she generally has to as per the school rules. The continuity will help your child to stay on track and absorb boarding school.

  1. Lastly, control your parental instincts

Sending your child away is never an easy job as a parent. And if your child senses even a hint of this feeling, he/she will naturally cling to you even more. Hence, the last and probably the most important point in helping your child to live in boarding schools is to check your parental instincts and remind yourself about the educational benefits that your child is constantly receiving by staying away from you. The boarding school in north India will help you here. They will provide you guidance as to what steps you must take while speaking and staying with your child. Read on your role as a parent to a school border and try to stick to the script for your child’s sake.

Swarnprastha Public School is one of those institutes where the boarding life of students is fun and exciting. Even as parents, you can come to a compromise by opting for flexible boarding at SPS where your child returns home on weekends. The top schools are always by your side to take away the difficult phases of boarding life and provide only the benefits associated with the type of schooling. Select boarding school, let your child mature the way he/she is supposed to. Help your child to settle in and allow him/her to thrive in life.