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Boarding schools fell out of the popularity table in the Indian education system as day schools enabled children to return to their parents at the end of the day. The parents can keep their children close; the children enjoy the comfort of their homes. Naturally, conventional day schools won. But academically speaking, the benefits of studying in a boarding school cannot be ignored. Numerous studies now show that boarding school students are more social, better prepared for life after school and carry improved skills when directly compared to their day school peers. Full boarding schools in Sonepat are still the best educational institutions and the reasons are obvious.

Independent learning and living

Although painful for the family, independence is an amazing gift that parents can give their children. Full boarding school students live away from their homes for the better half of the year and this fact helps them to mature from all angles. They do not get up from bed in the morning after receiving a nudge from the parents. Neither do they wait for parents’ supervision to sit with homework. The boarding school ambiance acts as the students’ guide to get on with life and education and everyone follows a set of rules laid out by the institution. Independent living and learning become a habit. And these have a profound effect on a student’s performance as he/she studies on his/her own, not because the parents have told to do so.

The community feeling

A survey in the United States asked hundreds of boarding school students what they liked the most about studying while staying inside the campus? The top answer was the enjoyment they got from doing things together with friends. Human beings are social animals. When made to do a task in a group, we will fare better than if we do it alone. The euphoria we feel by being part of a group, sharing ideas and feeling included increases our potential and brings out our best. The same concept applies to the best school in Sonepat that has boarding facilities. Students do almost everything together, right from attending classes to eating lunch. The community feeling brings a sense of involvement and helps education by invoking their social roots.

Access to school’s infrastructure, always

Returning home from day schools, students actually have to make and find time to participate in extra-curricular activities. Maybe travel the extra distance to take dance lessons or give up the weekend because painting classes could not be fit into a weekday. Then, there is always the possibility of getting distracted in the homely ambiance where every family member has a different need and time to relax. In boarding schools, everyone has a common agenda. And the infrastructure is always available within the campus. It is interesting how much cutting down on travelling time can motivate students to pick up an extra-curricular activity. The top 10 boarding schools in Sonepat have world-class infrastructure and being able to access them whenever required directly helps students’ skill development.

Lastly, academic opportunities are way better

Consider a student who needs to complete an elaborate assignment. She will need to research extensively, may require help from her teacher to understand a few complicated topics and collaborate with a few friends to bring out the best in her essay. After having gone back from school, there will be natural obstructions to finish the assignment this way. Both her teacher and friends will be at different locations, thus creating communication gaps. And the library is at the school which will be accessible the next day. Now, bring this scenario to a full boarding school. Every entity is again within the campus. The student already lives with her peers. The teacher’s residence is a few steps away and the library is accessible after school, open for research. A boarding school student enjoys better academic opportunities at all levels and hence, the improved performance reports among this group.

To reiterate, the benefits of full boarding schools are undeniable. And this is why Swarnprastha Public School maintains the facility along with flexible boarding and day schooling to accommodate the needs of all parents. SPS’s boarding facilities are on par with international standards. From the hostels to infrastructure to safety, the school has left no stone unturned to provide the best boarding school education. In SPS, students live the full boarding life, finding the right combination of education, skill development and experience. Passing out from SPS, they will be ready for anything outside and are sure to find success in whatever they wish to pursue.


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