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Counselling in Schools are More Important Now than Ever

The 21st-century was already emotionally taxing for the current students. To focus on education bypassing all the present distractions was effort-inducing on its own. Then came a pandemic on a scale that the generation has never seen before and the students were suddenly thrown into a world of uncertainty that no one had any answers to. Studies are now showing that the COVID-19 lockdowns have taken a huge emotional toll on young students who not only had to adapt to their schooling but also social life and one of the many challenges that the schools might face to restore normalcy is to deal with the emotional affects that the pandemic will leave on the students.

Thus, counselling for students is needed now more than ever. And the best school in Sonipat with a dedicated counselling department is way ahead on this line. You cannot expect a student to embrace online learning overnight and be alright with the change. You cannot expect a student to stay sane, locked up at home, not being able to meet friends or play in the ground. Counselling can help to cope with these changes for the time being. And show students that there is indeed hope at the end of this tunnel.

Showing some certainty in this uncertain world

With technology becoming accessible, the sources of information have exponentially increased. An average student today is constantly bombarded with information from all angles and most of them are designed to target the in-built threat mechanism. When news about COVID-19 spread through the media, no student was immune to the data easily available. News did not reach them filtered, thus fueling their uncertain feeling. As schools finally reopened, the thoughts about who will get sick next or when will all this get over remained and this is where counselling can offer some relief.

Counsellors can tap into the fear that each student is having about the pandemic and offer some certainty. While the news around continuously spells doom, counsellors can show that some experts are saying that we will get through this as we have done before and the availability of vaccines give hope.

Taking control of the situation

The fear stemming from uncertainty has not being in control as the underlying reason. Students may feel that they cannot control who might get infected and thus the resulting fear. Or, no one knows when schools will properly reopen or when they might shut down again and the fear of being stuck at home again can result in stress or anxiety. Counsellors of the top 5 schools in Sonipat can show students the sheer number of things that are in their control, taking the focus away from aspects that are out of control. Washing our hands regularly is in one’s control that helps to keep infection at bay. Picking up a new hobby or learning a new skill is also something a student can control while at home.

The idea is to reduce the associated stress. Once counsellors help students to control the situation instead of the other way around, the young minds give up fear and focus on constructive habits like good hygiene or upskilling themselves.

Lastly, someone understanding to talk to

At home, almost everyone is inside the same bubble. Parents, siblings and peers are in similar uncertain situations battling the same pandemic. It takes a professional to detach oneself from the ongoing circumstances and show another the brighter sides of a grim show. And counsellors are trained just to do that. Proficient in child psychology, counsellors can listen to students and offer helpful suggestions. Instead of judgement, there will be empathy and compassion. At times, being able to share one’s feelings with someone can be highly liberating and some students can adapt quickly just after a few sessions.

In a CBSE school in Sonipat where regular counselling is mainstream, students will know whom to approach with their uncertainty. And in such institutions, students are accustomed to getting professional suggestions and implement them in their daily lives. This does not mean that parents and siblings cannot help but it is productive to have an expert perspective when the problem around is happening on a global scale.

Hence, throughout the pandemic and even before, the counselling department of Swarnprastha Public School was active and it has been helping students to cope with their demons. Be it staying on course without getting distracted or maintaining sanity in a world turned upside down by COVID-19, SPS students found relief in counselling. The school recongnised that counselling was the need of the hour in education. Mental health is as important as a student’s physical one. SPS’s forward-thinking approach is continuously helping its students and families and upholding education amidst all these.