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Over the past one and half decades, the CBSE has issued various security guidelines to its affiliate schools to maintain a premium level of safety for all its students. However, guidelines are mere directions that the board can show to the institutes and it ultimately comes down to the schools to evaluate their environment and place security measures accordingly. While some aspects can be similar, no two schools can have the same safety demands. Students’ safety will vary based on the school’s location, the infrastructure size, and the facilities provided.

An institute can only feature in the list of the top schools in Sonepat only if it gives equal importance to the student’s safety as they give to their academics. No child can thrive in an unsafe environment and schools must take care of all the likely safety aspects. Here is a list of the top 5 security aspects that schools must have covered to provide that ideal academic environment and ensure maximum safety to their students. Keep these handy as a checklist and evaluate the school that your child goes to.

  1. Internal Security

When a school is spread out over a massive area, which is generally the case for most of the best schools in Sonepat, the importance of maintaining a top-notch internal security rises by that many folds. CBSE directs all schools to install CCTV cameras in all sensitive areas and schools must have all the blind spots covered. The control center must be manned 24*7 and the gates should have ample security personnel to have things covered. Entry and exit restrictions must also be in place either by maintaining a visitor’s book or by using some form of technology.

  1. External Security

External threats can come in many forms. It can either be a natural disaster, an accident, or a societal disturbance that can threaten a student’s safety. It is the school’s responsibility to take preventive actions against all such instances and take every measure possible even before the threat strikes. Safety aspects include installation of ample fire extinguishers at all places, building the infrastructure to adequately safeguard against natural disasters, and keeping the emergency numbers handy to call in police protection whenever necessary. All faculties and students must also be trained to respond accordingly to any threat.

  1. Transportation Safety

School buses are very much the school’s property and these are the only times when the students are the school’s responsibility without being on campus. Control here shifts to a remote version and authorities must go the extra length to maintain safety while traveling. Apart from buying/hiring buses from reliable companies, the management must ensure that the drivers and helpers undergo a thorough background check. The buses should have GPS installed to monitor their route and parents must have all the relevant information of the vehicle that their children are boarding.

  1. Psychological Security

This is probably one of the most overlooked security threats and protection of a student’s sanity is essential in many respects. What a child goes through whether at home or school shapes his/her behavior and schools must ensure that their students do not face any negative experience on campus. Psychological security measures include the prevention of physical abuse of any form, ragging or bullying by seniors or peers, misinterpretation of any information, and others. Schools can engage counselors to help students deal with their psychological effects and take steps accordingly.

  1. Infrastructural Safety

Even the smallest of cracks can lead to massive accidents. The school may have been built recently, but authorities must invest in regular monitoring and maintenance. Apart from the building itself, infrastructural security measures extend to equipment installed, laboratory apparatus, sports installations, and so on. Regular cleaning or annual painting can prevent unnecessary hazards and give students an ideal environment to learn and grow. A school may have top-class facilities, but all may go to waste if not properly maintained. A student should not feel threatened by the goalpost while playing soccer or live in the fear of a burner while conducting an experiment.

Apart from these, a school’s security is also about a response team and the go-to committee. The authorities must have an appropriate body to whom the students can take their problems and action must be taken immediately. A delayed response is often as good as no response and it does not complete a school’s security measures.

Swarnprastha Public School, the best school in Sonepat, takes every precaution in the books to maintain high standards of security and safety. There are round-the-clock guards at both its gates and boundaries, school buses are appropriately monitored, all safety installations are in place and there are full-time counselors to tend to the student’s psychological needs. So, go for such schools where the authorities are equally concerned about your child’s safety as you and let your child thrive in a safe environment. There is indeed no alternative to a student’s safety while in school.