Rise and fall are part of life. However, a rise is an indication that everything is going well, fall is the mirror that something somewhere is wrong. The same is true for your child’s marks at

Why are Your Child’s Marks Falling?

Rise and fall are part of life. However, a rise is an indication that everything is going well, fall is the mirror that something somewhere is wrong. The same is true for your child’s marks at school as well as falling grades is always a concern to parents. You tend to assume the worst, immediately try to step in and arrange a series of meetings with the school teachers and authorities. Finding a solution is your natural instinct where, often, the root cause goes neglected. Jumping to solve the problem is only temporary, but if you work with the reason for your child’s fallingmarks, the rising phase will again come back soon permanently.

So, here is a list of the possible causes why a child’s overall marks can see a downward curve. Identify if your child is facing any of these and take appropriate action specific to the problem. The top schools in Sonepat will be available for guidance. Take helpand extend it to your child.

  1. The adolescencephases

As per child psychologists from around the world, adolescence is turmoil times for your child. This is a phase that marks the transition of children into adults and they tend to become averse to rules and regulations to demand more freedom. So, if it was a norm for your child to perform well in exams and bring home good grades, he/she will naturally have a tendency to break the trend. You must accept that it is pretty normal and your child’s falling grades are merely a passing phase. He/she will be back to her usual self when her confusions settle down.

  1. Shift of interest

Growing up, your child will naturally be exposed to a lot of different topics and activities especially if he/she is studying in the best school in Sonepat. Momentarily, one area may become very interesting to your child where he/she will start investing more time behind that just to explore further. It can be music or sports, arts or research, his/her interest will rise, reach a peak and then settle down at a particular constant. Until the receding phase comes, your child’s studies may take a hit but you cannot ask your child to stop exploring. It is a natural human tendency.

  1. Self-created anxieties

Achieving students suffer from this a lot. A series of good grades inherently shoots their own expectations up and they are compelled to work harder to score better. Your child may very well fall victim to his/her self-created anxious world where the pressure to perform will harm her grades. Stress and anxiety stop normal bodily functions, clouds the thinking process and your child becomes exponentially sick. Such an instance is easier to detect from his/her body language and you can always sit down with your child to lower the expectations a notch. A calmer mind will help him/her.

  1. Unnecessary distractions

There is simply no lack of these now. Video games, social media,and the internet as a whole, the students of the current age have to constantly battle between having their focus or giving into distractions. A bit of everything is alright but when they encroach into your child’s academic space, it can become a really difficult problem. As a parent, you must help your child to understand that to what limit things are not self-harming. How grades are more important than watching a video online and talking about it to friends. There must be a balance and only then can marks follow its usual course.

  1. Demotivation

At times, your child may simply be demotivated to get up and study. A recent failure can lead to such a phase or monotony with the everyday routine can drain all your child’s energy. This will further lead to under-performance which will fuel the demotivation more. So, depending on the cause of lack of interest, take steps to bring back positivity into your child. Arrange an excursion like the top CBSE school in Sonepat to break the monotony, normalise failure to your child or spend some time at home doing something else other than studies. Once the energy is back, the marks will as well.

And most of these times, the best schools like Swarnprastha Public School will recommend you to let your child’s failure take its course. SPS conducts meetings with parents to keep you privy about your child’s situation, guides you on how to deal with the phase and helps both you and your child to come back on track. In such schools, falling grades are part of their education system as every downfall hasa teaching associated with it which your child needs to learn. Hence, take a deep breathe every time your child’s marks take a dip and tackle it properly by making it a learning experience.


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