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Why are Students Always Under So Much Academic Pressure? Who is at Fault?

The demands of the 21st century are without a doubt overwhelming. Along with education, students are required to pursue a host of extra-curricular activities, undertake skill developmental classes and so on. The world does not expect anything but excellence and students are required to put in all they have in whatever they do. High expectations surround them, there’s hardly any time to breathe and the overall academic pressure becomes visible as adverse health signs. It is, thus, primary that the schools and the parents alike go deeper into the causes of such high pressures and address the roots of the sources.

What causes academic pressure among students?

There can be a variety of reasons why education becomes so much of a burden to students and some of them take birth in the minds of the children. For instance, take the exams and its associated expectations around it that is bound to create a certain level of academic pressure among all students. The higher the goal set, the more pressurizing the situation becomes and negative stresses set in that ultimately becomes harmful. Here, the best school in Sonepat continuously work with the students to help them to set realistic goals which do not make examinations a haunting experience.

Apart from the self-created psychological reasons, there are external factors also at play. High expectations from parents, peer pressure due to unnecessary comparisons, or the constant demand from the world around to perform. These are often out of the control of the students which leads them to follow a highly pressurizing lifestyle where academics demands a lot of hard work than what is actually required. The other activities leave the students suffocated as well and the stress of schooling only mounts.

Who is at fault?

Miscommunication between children and adults is the foremost reason that leads to academic pressure. If a parent happened to have praised a child when he/she achieved a particular feat but did not communicate properly when the student performed average the next time, it will create a performance mentality in the child which will build up academic pressure. However, if the parent expressed her feelings and encouraged the child during his/her time of failure, things will rarely become pressurizing. Proper communication can also eliminate peer pressure issues, help students avoid working too hard and accept things as fun when they come.

The next outright reason is a priority. Is achieving a higher grade important or learning the subject is? Can the student focus on sports and music more and may not become a scholar later? Under improper guidance, a child will remain confused as to what the priority should be and will follow a self-created version of the right path. But if an adult around helps, the situations can be tamed before it escalates to pressure.

Then comes the issues of poor time management, unnecessary recurring tuitions and unhealthy comparisons with other students to define a benchmark. And all these faults can actually be summed up and placed into one statement – expecting a student of the 21st century to perform in the current world by using methods of the 19th century. The top school in Sonepat is modern. There is scope for various learning methods. No student here feels the heat of academics but learning is always exciting here.

How can schools help?

Involving the parents must be the first approach. Parents’ decisions and expectations influence a student’s mentality and dictate how the child will approach academics. If the parents receive the right expertise, know how to aid the child’s educational process, both psychologically and physically, only then will academics never become overwhelming. Schools must also have in-house counselors, to detect a student under pressure and address the lingering issues. There should be provision for remedial classes, individual help sessions with teachers and freedom to learn at their own space for students. The top schools in Sonepat will do every bit to never make academics pressurizing, for it will lose its essence and schooling will never solve its purpose.

Swarnprastha Public School recognizes that. The campus is well-suited to for students to learn stress-free even in this demanding world of performance. Through careful guidance for students and parents’ involvement, the school maintains a healthy education ambiance in every corner and applies various modern learning methodologies for all the unique minds. It does come down to the school to eliminate academic pressure. No one can affect the demands of the world. However, through careful examinations and modern approaches, students can learn all in an effective manner without ever feeling the stress or burden of it all.


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