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Mere fancy words? Phrases to lure in parents? The mission and vision statements generally suffer from such ill reputation mainly because most schools fail to live up to their promises. Their educational philosophy runs in the complete opposite direction than their mission and vision which has naturally led many parents to believe that they are no more than empty words. But the case is not so at the top school in Sonepat. Here, every part of the statements holds meaning, the authorities give value to their mission and vision, and they are the guiding light for the entire institution. The vision is the objection of the school while the mission is the ways to achieve them.

Why schools should have a mission and a vision?

Keeping aside the issue of schools not following their own mission and vision, let’s first explore the necessity of such statements. If educating the students and imparting skills is the school’s journey, then imagine the mission and vision of the school as the institution’s final destination. Depending on what the school seeks to achieve, the management and the faculty feel directed by the mission and vision statements to design their own curriculum or modify the teaching habits. Every decision, every installment, happens in lines with the school’s mission or vision.

For instance, if promoting cultural diversity and tolerance is included in the school’s mission in order to achieve educational excellence as a vision, expect strict rules and regulations within the premises directed to curb any sort of intolerance. The absence of such a clear statement in the mission will leave the whole staff of the school confused. Then, the matter becomes subjective and comes down on the individuals to decide what is right or wrong. This way, not all students get to learn about the importance of cultural diversity. Mission and vision direct the whole institution. It is an unspoken law that the whole school intuitively follows.

How to evaluate if schools will follow their mission and vision?

Naturally, you will want your child to study in a school who knows how to follow their own statements. The best way to evaluate this is to understand if the missions and visions are too good to be true. They must be simple statements, without complicated jargons, and should seem achievable at a school level. Imparting modern skills or helping students to develop the habit of continuous learning are things that schools can really do. But if the promises are over the moon and ambitious beyond extent, it would be logically impossible for the institution to follow them. The mission and vision of the best school in Sonepat will be in sync with your ideals and obviously be realistic and attainable.

What do they say about schools?

The mission and vision statements are also your guides to understand the educational ambiance your child will be exposed to. It tells you what to expect from the school, its teachers, its curriculum and its pedagogy. Every word is your direction to comprehend what your child is going to learn, what skills he/she will develop and how the school is going to help him/her during the process. Whether a pressurising environment awaits your child or will the ambiance be inspirational and motivational.

Here again, take the example of the most common mission or vision that many schools tend to put in their statement – academic excellence. This clearly suggests that the school is going to be performance oriented and put your child in a stressful environment. However, if the term is slightly modified to educational excellence, this means learning will be in focus more than performance. Also, words like curiosity, mental health, personal development and discipline, attitude to change the world and serve the society will always appear in the mission and vision statements of the best schools in Sonepat. These are promises that drive your child towards growth and help to complete his/her education.

So, the mission and vision of schools are important?

As much as the facilities available within the school or the faculty strength. These hold intangible importance that works from the shadows to guide education and take the school forward. If everyone is made to work towards a common set of goals, academics as a process will always be on track. Schools like the Swarnprastha Public School identifies the need to have clear-cut directions and hence their mission and vision statements are that much solid. One look will tell you how focussed the institution is towards student development and nurturing a safe and tranquil educational environment. SPS follows its objectives, directs its faculty to uphold them and modifies as per the changing needs. Mission and vision are important for schools, and you must prioritise them during your school selection.


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