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6 Tips for Parents Considering School Change

You might have to change your child’s school for a variety of reasons. Maybe the current institute is not working out. Or, your company might have just relocated you to another city or state. Maybe you moved out of your current home or merely wish to enroll your child in a school that is nearer to where you stay. The motivations might be varied but the transition process is similar. Both you and the student will have to sail through a sea of changes and get accustomed to a totally new institution with new teachers and new peers. To ease the process, here are 6 valuable tips for parents considering a school change. These will help you to make the right choices along the way and keep the associated anxieties at bay.

  1. Consider your child’s current needs

You surely have a list of parameters that you had considered while selecting a school the first time. However, before relying on that same list again, do keep in mind the evolved needs of your child now that he/she has advanced a bit from that moment. Researching a nursery school and middle school is not the same. Your child will also have better inputs now as to what he/she wants in his/her new school. To seek out the best ranking of boarding school in India for your child, you must consider the current academic and developmental needs of the student.

  1. Visiting the school is a must

You and your child need to visit the new school that you are applying for. This helps the student to frame an opinion. Plus, seeing the infrastructure might take away the change-related anxieties a bit as viewing that the new place is nothing new or in fact better than the previous might actually excite the student to start his/her classes. Set an appointment with the school and mention that your child will come along. The management will give you an appropriate date when both of you can see the school in full flow.

  1. Talk to the parents of the new school

You can procure inside information and feel about the new school by interacting with the existing parents of the institution. Simply visit the school on any working day during the opening or closing hours and share your queries with parents who come to drop off or pick up their children. Ask questions, again, specific to your child’s needs and talents and judge the school as per the relationship they share with the institution. Try to get as many perspectives as possible as sticking to a few views might show you drastic results.

  1. Communicate with the school next

In the boarding school in India, you can set up an appointment with the principal, the headteacher, a member of the management and so on. Depending on your queries that are still unanswered, meet the relevant representative of the school and clearly communicate your concerns and expectations. This is also a good time to ask the school directly as to what they can do to meet your child’s academic and developmental requirements and to what depths do the faculty go to ensure personalization for its students.

  1. Compare the old school with the new one

If you were satisfied with your child’s previous school, look for those similarities in the new institution. If you felt that a few attributes could have been improved, see how efficiently is the new one covering those points. When you are having to change schools, you might as well get an upgrade. Give your child the opportunity to pursue all those interests that were absent in the previous school. Stepping up always helps and both parents and students can benefit from the transition where something better is now available.

  1. Explore how easily could you contact the school

Throughout the entire journey, make precise notes of how easily could you get in touch with the school that you are about to enroll your child into. Does the school have a website with all the information available? Is there an email ID where the reply was prompt? The mark of the best boarding school in India is that such institutions maintain an open communication channel with their parents. Pick that school that values its new parents as well, just like the ones who are there from the beginning.

Swarnprastha Public School has been a premier name in the academic circle of Sonepat for all the right reasons. The curriculum is STEAM oriented. The facilities are world-class. Additionally, SPS strives to welcome its new students by laying out a seamless path where both the children and parents can settle in without any hiccups. Good schools will actually solve your current problems. Not create new ones. Changing schools will feel right when you have successfully picked the best institution.



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