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There is a fine line between the terms educational philosophy and learning philosophy and it is the term “philosophy” that acts as the differentiating factor. By the definition of any dictionary, you can easily replace the word philosophy with guideline, and then when you place it in conjunction with learning and education separately, the distinction becomes visible. Educational philosophy generally encapsulates experimental approaches or application-based models, all of which direct students towards better education. But you think about a school’s learning philosophy, those same terms need a bit of tweaking.

For more clearance, think of education has the ultimate goal that the top schools in Sonepat try to achieve through their regular process of learning. Thus, the features of their learning philosophy have to be more consistent, methods that can be applied daily to make every drop count. The top 5 among them should include:

  1. Global Exposure

A learning philosophy that is no longer an option in the modern era. Students need to study in a global curriculum that not only imparts subject knowledge but also brings in working skills. As evident, this is a regular process where classrooms must draw resources and examples of global nature. Right from learning a science topic to improving one’s language skills, every parameter should be designed keeping the modern global needs in mind. With the emergence of technology, the future corporate world will hardly have any profound international boundaries and students have to be ready for such an age.

  1. Environmental Awareness

Climate change is here and now is the time when we can all do something about it. Thus, the students, who will ultimately lead their life in a more drastic situation, needs to learn and develop environmental awareness and sensitivity. They should acknowledge the need to protect the environment, take active steps towards that goal, and encourage others to follow the same suit. When infused within learning philosophy, environmental awareness becomes an integral part of the students’ education and this helps to create the drive to do something for the environment. Another crucial feature, without a doubt!

  1. Exploration

When students are given the space to explore on a daily basis, it is ultimately a way of feeding their curiosity. And when their curiosity is well-fed, they automatically venture out to newer levels of success. Thus, with exploration as a form of learning, students tend to consume their subjects better. It is the simple approach where the need to know is first created and then the required information is handed over. Learning naturally becomes engaging. Students feel driven towards academics. Higher benchmarks are set every day and constructive development with new ambitions come into effect.

  1. Connection

Connection is a vital element in the learning philosophy of any best school in Sonepat. Technically, connection is nothing but the interdisciplinary learning style. This is where the teachers help their students to connect the right dots amidst various information and bridge the gap that tends to exist among subjects. The best way of learning mathematics is by understanding that it is the language for science. The right way to learn literature is to see how it helps to shape perception and intuition. When students learn to connect their subjects, they grasp the true meaning of education and that propels them towards greater academic depth.

  1. Leadership

Both personally and professionally, leadership is what will enable students to stand out. A leader always accepts challenges head-on, is a strategic planner, and is always solution-oriented. So, whether the situation involves passing an exam or completing a project, a leader will know what to do when. This skill takes lifelong nurturing. It demands proper fuel and practice. And by including it in their learning philosophy, the best boarding school in northern India looks to start the development process early. In every sphere, good schools look to create leaders, where the children can not only take control but also feel comfortable in relinquishing it.

Swarnprastha Public School has all these features included in their learning curriculum along with the other necessary attributes like entrepreneurship, neutrality in learning, discovery of new ideas, and much more. They follow the DECA and Matrix of LEGEND models which expand to these guidelines and ensure a superlative level of education to all SPS students. The schools that can separate learning from education have clear visions of their ultimate mission. These institutes are destined to thrive and create future experts in every field. Seek such schools out, guide your child through the proper lane of learning and promise him/her only the best form of education.


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