Top 5 Benefits of International Exposure among School Students

With the global boundaries shrinking rapidly across all spheres, the importance of international exposure among school students is at its peak. Educational veterans almost always speak about the benefits and need to send your child to a foreign land for schooling but, as parents, this may not be a viable option for you. Naturally, you will want your child to stay close to home and simultaneously reap the benefits of international education. There are schools that combine the best of both worlds and only such institutes can complete your child’s education.

But why is there this sudden surge in the demand for international exposure? Is it really necessary for students at the school level to learn from a foreign curriculum? To answer all such basic questions, among all the talks of a reduced academic pressure on students, this post lists the top 5 benefits of international exposure. The following points will clear your doubts on why every child must go to schools that do not maintain any educational boundary.

  1. Diversity in learning – broad field of resources

No one system of education in one country can combine all the aspects of education that a school student needs to learn. Especially in this current age where companies reject almost 40% of the applying candidates due to lack of cross-cultural knowledge. To be able to fit into the global work cultural, students must draw information from all possible resources and the top schools in Sonepat facilitate that with the right amount of international exposure. The curriculums include books on global topics, views and history of foreign cultures and activities that are not common in the local community. There’s diversity in learning and the scope of growth is immense.

  1. Better development of soft skills

Academic knowledge can guide a student to a certain extent but it is only through proper soft skills that he/she can go beyond. The basic ability to speak in the local language of a foreigner about their culture can help the student rise above the mess of competition. With international exposure from the school level, students learn to conduct themselves in any environment, gain confidence and develop networking skills. Studies have shown that students with international exposure perform much better in the corporate world that the ones coming from local schools. Soft skills are the need of the hour and you will want your child to have them all.

  1. Cross-cultural appreciation which leads to personality development

Every culture develops their own methods of going about things and there’s always something new to learn from different cultures. For instance, the set of skills taught in the UK is very different from the ones in India and a student from the latter country may find the former superior (vice-versa equally applicable). This is the very reason why the best schools in Sonepat will always have foreign ties to provide its students with the cream of learning by mixing the varying cultures. The different dynamics broadens a student’s viewpoint and help with their personality development. The more the exposure, the better the education.

  1. Substantial knowledge of the international market

Students can make better career choices and rise to greater heights only when they are privy to all the available options. No development is now restricted to a particular country and digitisation has made the world smaller. Be it finance or management, technology or literature, the best school in Sonepat will give its students all the necessary knowledge across all fields. In short, international exposure boosts awareness among students and through the necessary activities in school, they can find their passion and pick their profession. It will help students to step in the international market and succeed better without restriction.

  1. Rational thinking and better critical analysis

Which is a direct result of exposure. The same study that concluded that students with international exposure have better soft skills also pointed out superior rational and critical thinking abilities among this group of students. The report continued to state that such students fare well in life, both in personal and professional and show capabilities of smart working and enhanced time managing. The simple mixing of cultures through education can bring about a positive change among students and instill values in them to relish their entire life.

Swarnprastha Public School understands the necessity of international exposure and has signed an MOU with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award which serves the purpose of teaching students:

  • Service – To be proactive in providing others service.
  • Skills – To develop practical skills and personal interests.
  • Physical Recreation – To remain motivated in participating in physical fitness and activities.
  • Adventurous Journey – To undertake the spirit of adventure and discovery.

International exposure at the school level creates the perfect educational balance that every student must have and it must be one of your top school selection parameters. So, remove your doubts of overburdening and let your child learn in the best possible way.


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