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Top 4 Current Technologies Every Student should be Familiar With

Education has no defined boundary now and every student is expected to know almost everything. And the rapid phase in which technology has grown and taken over our lives, a basic know-how of the present and upcoming innovations has become a necessity for survival. Along with the school curriculum and subject knowledge, students must invest time in learning about the current technologies that are soon to creep into our daily lives so that when the time comes, students are aware of the devices they will be handling. In view of this, the top schools in Sonipat are teaching their students all about the recent developments and giving them a hands-on experience.

Computers and mobile phones became an integral part of our daily lives in a matter of a few years. Currently, a few other technologies are following the same suit. It is imperative that students familiarise themselves with these upcoming innovations and their schools can do a lot in this respect. A few of such technologies include:

  1. Robotics

Robots have already taken over most of the manufacturing work and will continue to rise in number in the near future. The next generation of skilled candidates will be required to know how to design and operate a robot instead of actually building or packaging a product. If students become familiar with robotics from an early age, they will be comfortable with the technology and will become a valued employee to any company.

Robotics also help students to apply their scientific knowledge in the real world. The technology works on a combination of science and mathematics and exploring a robot will enable them to connect theory with practical applications. The best school in Sonipat have robotics lab to serve this very purpose and help students gain the basic knowledge.

  1. 3D Printing

Another technology that is gaining prominence lately and already in use in many industries. With 3D printing, computer-generated models can now be printed in three dimensions and have reshaped how things are engineered now. Starting from electronics to automobiles, 3D printing is employed to design first, test a miniature version before actually building the same in the real world.

This is another skill that is going to be in demand in the upcoming years. Students need to familiarise themselves with the scanners and printers and should have the freedom to design and innovate with it. The technology should be available to all grades and schools must design their curriculum to increase the complexity of the models with increasing age.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has already become a massive part of our lives where anything and everything is connected to the internet and are communicating with each other. We can turn on the air conditioner by remotely sending an SMS or view pictures directly on our television from our camera. The same is true for all the smart gadgets that we have around us and more devices are to follow.

Students should have the knowledge about the working of such devices and possess the capability of using them. Learning about IoT can prompt many to connect more devices to each other and develop technologies to help the humankind. Again, the earlier they become privy to the technology, the better will be their learning.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere now and most of the gadgets we use are autonomous to some extent. Building a basic knowledge of AI while growing up will help students to understand the functionality of AI and where all it is put to use. The technical know-how will not only work as an added skill in their future but also help protect themselves from cyber crimes and AI generated traps.

All around the globe, education systems are introducing AI to students as early as 5 years of age. Children are already interacting with computers in various forms and the trend is just going to grow. Students must be capable of fitting in the upcoming world of driver less cars and automatic surgeries and being aware of the technology can only do them good.

Technical Knowledge is Essential

Whether a student becomes a lawyer or a historian. Advancement in technology is evident and students should not fumble while using a futuristic washing machine in their home. Making them privy to the current technology is not about making them experts in the intricate programming but develop the basic skill to understand and operate the devices that are yet to come along. Such students will be smarter, better adept to their environment and aware of their surroundings.

And it is for these benefits that Swarnprastha Public School, the best CBSE school in Sonipat, has tied up with NITI AAYOG to develop the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) to promote learning about new technologies among its students and encourage innovation. Students of all grade learn about all the above technologies and much more here and the activities go beyond textbook learning. So, encourage students to explore the world of technology and select a school that follows the same vision.


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