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The Secrets to Managing Board Exams with Competitive Exams

As well-known, the students of class 12 will have to sit for their board exams and competitive exams which are scheduled merely a month apart. Thus, your preparations will have to overlap as you will have to ace both in order to land a decent college and settle your future. But more often than not, juggling the two can become quite overwhelming as the question format of the two exams differs a lot and so does their complexity. Like any other student, you will also have just 24 hours in a day and somehow, you will have to balance the two equally. The secrets to achieving this are actually no mystery. The ways the toppers do it are fairly simple. Here is a list of ways as to how you can manage the preparations of both your boards and competitive exams and do the balancing act stress-free.

  1. Target completing your board syllabus first

In the best school in Sonepat, you will always find your teachers increasing the pace of your classes to enable you to complete your board syllabus first. The competitive exams have the exact same topics that you have on your boards and hence, it makes sense to target the latter first. Plus, board exams are designed keeping in mind the potential of an average student whereas competitive exams take the complexity higher to test your mettle. When you focus on boards first, you clear your basics and set the foundation for preparing for the competitive exams.

  1. Make a solid plan to tackle both

The difference in the complexity of the two exams poses another problem for students. Many focus too much on the competitive exams towards the end and develop a mindset of thinking at a complex level. This becomes a major hindrance in board exams as such students end up spending too much time behind simple questions. Hence, as both the exams approach, make a solid plan to give equal priority to the model papers of both the boards and competitive exams. Keep two to three days in a week for boards and the rest for competitive exams.

  1. Solve problems of both together

Say you learn a chapter today in school that is included in the board’s syllabus as well as the competitive exam’s. Read the chapter at home and try solving an equal number of questions from your board’s textbook and your competitive exam questionnaire. This approach will allow you to keep both the trains on their right track. By the time you finish your syllabus, you will see that you have already built a good foundation for both the exams. Then, it all comes down to your revision strategy and setting your priorities to tackle the boards and the competitive exams.

  1. Revise from different sources

This is an efficient way to increase your level for competitive exams that indirectly help your boards as well. The top schools in Sonepat will have all the academic resources you will ever need in their library. So, instead of revision a chapter from your textbook, use the internet in your library to see a quick video or pick up another book to browse through its contents. The video will save you time. The other book may give you a different perspective of the same concept. You level up, create time to practice, and gain more knowledge to write better answers in your boards that will bring extra marks. Make use of everything which is available at your school.

  1. Mock exams are crucial

At least two to three weeks before your exams, focus on giving mock exams as many times as possible. Here again, the best CBSE schools in Sonepat will help you to find the right materials from where you can practice. Mocks not only help you to show your mistakes but also pinpoint your weak areas, maintain the level of the exam at hand, and create a sense of time management that you will need to apply in the exam hall. Use your school’s system to download previous years’ papers. Take assistance from your teachers to find the right model papers. Mock exams are efficient ways to get your revision right and prevent a waste of time.

Class 12 students do live in a pressure cooker environment. Stress does build up and things become unmanageable. It is their school that can come to their aid by helping them to effectively tackle their approaching exams and Swarnprastha Public School does just that. SPS guides its students from the very beginning. Through a flawless curriculum and at-hand counseling, the school prepares the students to become efficient managers of both the exams. With proper planning, anyone can manage the preparations of both the boards and competitive exams. There is simply no secret.


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