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The Importance of Concentrating on Homeworks

Owing to debatable reasons, the necessity of homework in a student’s life often has come into question as a portion of a global academic arena is now discussing the possible alternatives to home assignments. Yet, homework remains as important as it ever has been as the benefits it has to a student’s overall education are undeniable. Merely to clear any lingering doubts among the parents about the necessity of homework, this post highlights the developmental advantages that the teachers of the schools in Sonepat tries to achieve by setting homework. And, as parents, you need to encourage your children to concentrate more on homework and complete the set tasks diligently.

Homework helps to improve a student’s memory

Child psychology studies have shown that a student’s memory develops when he/she is put into a recalling regime regularly rather than just feeding information. In other words, continuous one-way teaching where a student only learns a subject does little to store the topic in his/her memory. However, if the child is asked to recall that same matter periodically, he/she will actually scout his/her memory and that leads to its development. And homework act as the perfect agent for this purpose. When a child sits with an assignment that covers a topic that has been in taught in class two days ago, he/she will have to recall which will improve his/her memory.

It also enhances a student’s research skills

The best school in Sonepat will never set its students direct homework. That is a set of questions whose answers are easily available in the textbooks where the students can directly copy the content. This is mindless work. It does not contribute to any skill development. Good schools look to make their students work. They set assignments that require research, takes the students to the library or the internet, to find out more about a particular topic. Research is a good habit for any student. It spurs curiosity which leads to better knowledge which further leads to enhanced education. Meaningful homework can work wonders.

Homework paves a way for the parents to get involved

A student thrives in his/her education when his/her parents pitch in from time to time. You are, after all, your child’s first teacher and it makes sense that you continue to play that role during his/her schooling phase as well. Again, psychologically speaking, children are more receptive of information from their parents as that is their biological design. If you sit down to teach something to your child, he/she will learn that topic easily and naturally. With homework, you have that scope. You can help your child with research, writing answers or essays, and teach him/her skills that you want your child to have.

It is a better way to spend time

Consider an hour or two when your child is at home, with all his/her activities taken care of, and after having his/her fair share of rest, would you rather want your child spending that time being involved in studies or playing video games? Not that video games are entirely toxic for your child, but the dose goes out of hand when there is nothing better to do. Enter home assignments that keep your child busy in education that is a priority during his/her growing years. The student’s mind remains involved in meaningful work, something that adds value to her life. Homework is a better way to spend time by doing what matters in the student’s life.

Students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge

Here again, ignore the prevalent notion of homework that involves copying answers from the textbook. Consider an assignment where your child has to write a report about his/her experience of visiting the museum or building a model of the solar system. These are meaningful homework that provides students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and these are the type of homework that the top 5 school in Sonepat set their students. Application ingrains knowledge in the student’s minds. That is where education takes its required form and becomes a skill rather than simple information.

Homework is always important

And the best schools will always understand that. Swarnprastha Public School maintains this stance where the school strikes a perfect balance between meaningful homework and an optimum number of assignments. Students are never burdened with homework. Nor do they go without any during their schooling session. SPS teachers look towards skill development and parent involvement while setting homework, parameters that work to help your child. The importance of homework is truly unquestionable. Its necessity lies on the same lines as education and development combined.




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