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Spending Extended Hours at School – The Benefits of Flexible Boarding

The concept of flexible boarding brings to you the best of both worlds. Schools in Sonepat with boarding facilities come as a respite for many families. But then again, parents also fear the other side where they tend to miss out on the valuable family time. Flexible boarding can work to solve the dilemma and offer parents and students with benefits that will help everyone to maintain the perfect balance. Your child can stay in school from Monday to Friday when you are working as well, and you all can have your family time on the weekends when he/she comes back.

A few schools also extend the concept to offer day boarding. Here, your child spends extended hours in school, indulge in educational and extra-curricular activities and is dropped at home in the evening. This, again, works for parents who want their child with them every day but also want the facilities that a boarding school can provide. Apart from these stark advantages of the mere concept itself, flexible boarding can help you and your child in many other ways.

Students enjoy more free time

Traveling to school daily can be a major time and energy killer, no matter how comfortable the ride is. Also, the current age demands students to take part in multiple extra-curricular activities along with their academics. If you are unavailable to monitor your child’s workload at home, things can become very hectic very fast. The adverse effects present itself in the form of falling grades, degrading health and emotional complications.

Now, if your child is put into a schedule of a boarding school where teachers and experts are always available to supervise the students, where every activity is put into a schedule and where the transportation time loss is taken away, he/she can naturally enjoy a smooth lifestyle. When he/she is coming back at the end of the day or on the weekends, the only responsibility you have is to spend fun times with your child. You are delegating responsibility to the best school in Sonepat with the top experts and your child can live stress-free.

Activities with peers lead to personal development

The simple act of dining together with peers leads to a superior form of personal development in your child. He/she becomes social, has great communication skills and constantly learns from others in a thriving environment. From a psychological aspect, children need to spend time with peers in the same age group. This develops healthy emotions among them like ambition, zeal to work harder and healthy competition. When surrounded by adults, children inherently know that they cannot compete with the people around and tend to remain in their shells.

But the more exposure they have to peers, the better will their skills develop. Be it exchanging ideas on common interests or beating someone at soccer, children will force themselves to prosper. You will want your child to receive his/her education in such an environment and you can ensure that he/she spends the maximum time in school by opting for flexible boarding. The top CBSE school in Sonepat will have the required facilities. All you need to do is let your child have the freedom.

And naturally, the other benefits of boarding schools

Education is different in a boarding school. Along with academics, students pick up life skills. The very aspect of following a fixed routine ingrains discipline among children. Boarding school students are better at time management, tolerant of their peers and have respect for their surroundings. Plus, having constant supervision inherently keeps them away from harmful distractions and drives them down the right path. Be it education or soft-skills, research has time and again shown that boarding school students perform better than other standard schools and are adept in tackling life’s challenges.

Again, staying away from the nurturing guidance of parents for lengthy periods make students more self-sufficient. Such a group is more responsible, mature and less dependent on others. All these skills perfectly mirror themselves in the students’ academic phase as well where they learn to connect time management and responsibility with education. You do not have to direct a student of a boarding school to study. He/she will do it when it is necessary.

So, opt for the best flexible boarding school

And be a part of the modern landscape of education. Swarnprastha Public School in Sonepat has facilities for all the three types of boarding – full-time, weekdays and day. Evaluate what works for you and your child and harness the benefits the concept has to offer. Your child will indeed grow up in the perfect manner. The current socio-economic conditions of the world are demanding and flexible boarding can indeed be a solution.


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